Stopping Tobacco Chewing

When you’re stopping tobacco chewing (or at least trying to) you probably are going through all kinds of mood swings and might feel angry, anxious, moody, stressed, and if you try to willpower yourself through all of this alone, you’ll probably experience such a build up of tension that you finally just slosh the stuff around in your mouth again to get relief from all that pressure.

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Smokeless tobacco is a silent killer – it’s not as obvious as cigarettes and there is not as much information on the web about it as there is about quitting cigarettes. But there still are millions of people who are hooked on snuff. A little dip and chew is what helps them to get through their days.

So when you try to quit dipping you can become hard to bear for the people around you too, because you might become irritable and easily offended. Understand that this is a completely normal withdrawal symptom and let other people around you know about it in advance if possible – just say something like: “Hey, I’m just stopping tobacco chewing, and it’s really hard on me, and I try to keep my cool but sometimes I get irritated, don’t take that too serious during these days.”

What’s interesting is that tobacco chewing doesn’t actually relief stress – instead, your body creates stress when it craves the nicotine. So the relaxing effect you get from dipping is actually just that you release the tension which got built up by the addiction – but it doesn’t help to reduce stress which is not related to nicotine effects, even though it might feel that way.

hypnosis downloadStop Tobacco Chewing With Hypnosis

But snuff is a deceptive bastard, and it might feel like a good friend when the pressure is on.

That’s why hypnosis to stop chewing tobacco is so effective – because it directly deals with the stuff that’s happening underneath – your subconscious mind. This will help you to better cope with withdrawal symptoms and manage any cravings you might experience during the withdrawal period a lot better. What’s more, it can help you to better manage your stress levels and stay relaxed, calm and confident without needing to use any outside substance.

Every single year around 30,000 people in the USA alone get diagnosed with mouth and throat cancers, and around 8,000 of them die each year – that’s a very high mortality rate. What’s more, those who survive often end up heavily mutilated.

Tobacco chewing is not a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes – it’s dangerous and cause life-threatening or deforming cancer. Just watch this episode of The Doctors where a person who had half his face removed because of a tobacco chewing related cancer:

For the initial period I do recommend that you use a nicotine gum or nicotine patch to help cope with the withdrawal. Also make sure that you always have some kind of substitute at hand: this can be chewing gums, beef jerky, dried fruit – anything that’s kind of chewy.

It can also help to write down a list of reasons why stopping tobacco chewing is worth it. And whenever you feel tempted, look at that list and remind yourself of all those good reasons to stay strong, and even read them out loud in front of the mirror.

hypnosis downloadStop Tobacco Chewing With Hypnosis