Treating Neuropathy With Hypnosis

If you’ve already tried many different things to help you cope with neuropathic pain, but haven’t yet found something that gives you the relief you hoped for – consider self hypnosis.

Self Hypnosis For Neuropathic Pain

You don’t actually need to see a hypnotherapist in his practice – the beauty of hypnosis is that it’s all about your mind, and you can learn to train your mind.

After all, your brain is the place where you are actually made aware of the pain.

One of the questions I get a lot at this point is: does hypnosis work for peripheral and central neuropathic pain?

And the answer is both.

We know that your pain is caused by “fake” pain signals which get delivered to your brain via the nerve fibers. Unfortunately, the pain isn’t “fake” at all – it’s very real.

However, how much pain you experience is ultimately determined by the way your brain responds to the pain signals it receives.

Did you ever had a papercut which you only noticed later on when you saw it? Even though the pain was there, because you didn’t pay attention to it, you didn’t experience it. Only once when you noticed the small papercut did your brain make you feel the pain sensation.

I’m not comparing neuropathic pain to a papercut here. The reason why I’m talking about papercuts here is because it’s a common phenomenon that most people have experienced in their lifes, and it’s to illustrate a point: whether you feel pain or not is not up to your nerve fibers, but up to your brain.

Hypnosis Download For Neuropathic Pain

That’s why treating neuropathy with hypnosis can work so effectively, even when everything else you tried has failed you.

All a pain signal can do is to provoke your brain to respond. But it’s up to your brain whether it reacts to this provocation.

In most cases it is only sensible and positive for your brain to react to pain signals – it protects our survival. If for example it wouldn’t be painful to cut ourselves in the finger accidentally, we might not react quick enough when a blade is cutting us and get injured more seriously.

But in the case of neuropathic pain it’s a completely different story. It’s a mechanisms that has gone out of control – and there is no purpose in reacting to these faulty pain signals.

Treating neuropathy with hypnosis works for all kinds of pain, whether you have continuous neuropathic pain or episodic pain, whether it’s a burning or numb pain, whether it feels like pins and needles or an electric shock, or whether it’s a general aching pain.

You can use the power of your imagination to alter your sensation of pain. But only in the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis when your mind is wide open to positive suggestions and when it’s imaginative powers are enhanced can you experience the full benefits of using hypnosis for neuropathic pain.

Hypnosis For Neuropathic Pain