Treatment for Laziness

Is there a treatment for laziness? Well, there surely are things that you can do to overcome laziness.

I have a lot of personal experience with being lazy (who doesn’t?), and I also have a lot of personal experience with getting things done and being productive. So on this page, I’ll share some of the things that work best against my laziness for me.

1. Break it down

If you’re lazy, then you’re probably lazy about all sorts of things, not just one thing. So take a moment to think about today: what would be the most important thing for your life right now that you should be doing but aren’t?

When you’ve identified that, chances are that it’s some kind of herculian task – something that is so difficult you just don’t feel like doing it.

So break this one big thing down into something else.

Behavior modification is never easy, because we kind of stick with our behaviors and changing things can be hard. So everything that makes a treatment for laziness easier is a good thing in this case.

2. Just 20 Minutes

If you absolutely can’t get yourself to take on a task today, then just take out 20 minutes out of your day.

I mean, everybody has 20 minutes right?

And you donate those 20 minutes to doing something that you feel too lazy to do.

After all, it’s just 20 minutes. No big deal. But just crush it in those 20 minutes.

Don’t spend time thinking or wondering or doubting or questioning.

Just do it. As good as you can.

Because even if you do something and make some mistakes, it’s still a lot better than not doing it at all.

Which brings me to the next point…

3. Forget Perfectionism

A lot of “lazy people” aren’t really lazy.

But they just have these high expectations that stand in their way. And they never get anything done because it’s just not good enough, or they need to have something in order to do it really well, or they need more time to prepare or whatever.

The thing is: think about Apple.

Every time when they release a new iPhone or iPad, there are always still a lot of errors which they haven’t figured out yet – but they bring the new product to market anyway and then try to fix it later as good as they can with some updates.

And Microsoft does the same thing.

hypnosis downloadGet the Treatment for Laziness

And both of them are two of the most amazingly successful companies ever.

So it’s ok to make something that’s not perfect. It’s not ok however to forever sit on some idea and wait and wait and wait…

4. Ask For Help

Ask a friend or relative to help you. If you tell someone you want to do something, but you’re having a hard time, ask them to somehow support you. Now this doesn’t mean to ask them to do it for you – but it could be something as simple as occasionally following up with you how you’ve progressed and holding you accountable.

Now not sure if you would call this a treatment for laziness or simply setting things up in ways that make it more probable that you’ll do stuff – but the most important thing is that you start trying out different things, until you find out what works best for you.

5. Hypnosis Against Laziness

I used hypnosis for laziness to reprogram my subconscious mind. Ultimately, that’s the part of your brain that’s really in charge.

I see so many people struggling to make some change in their live. And they put in all this effort.

But as long as they keep just scratching the surface, they can’t expect to really have a deep impact.

Your rational mind is for sure an important part of your personality.

But what influences your decisions and actions is mostly your subconscious mind.

And the thing that your subconscious mind listens best to is: hypnotic suggestions.

So give this hypnotic treatment for laziness a chance…