Why Forgiving Is The Better Choice – And How You Can Forgive

When someone has done us wrong, mistreated or misjudged us, the most natural reaction is a desire for revenge. We want this wrong to be rightened. We want to strike back. And it can be very difficult to let go of that emotional attachment. But the best thing we can do, in our own self-interest, is to actually forgive that person. However, you might have a couple of objections to that, or you might find that even if you want to forgive, it’s not that easy. So these are issues that we’re going to address in this article.

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Why the heck should I forgive???

You might feel that forgiving is a sign of weakness, that it shows your vulnerability and makes you seem an easy target for another unfair attack. But forgiving is a sign of great strength. When you forgive a person, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you accept or endorse this person’s action, and it doesn’t even necessarily mean that you simply let go of the issue. You can forgive a person, and still try to right that wrong that the other person has done. You can forgive a person and still pursue retaliation.

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But doesn’t that seem paradoxical? To forgive, yet to seek retaliation? No, it’s not. But when you forgive, the steps you take will come from a place of wisdom, not from a place of anger and resentment. Your actions will be guided by your higher self, rather than the lower realms of your being. And this is very much in your own self-interest – because it makes you more effective.

But sometimes when you forgive, you really will just let go of an issue and not seek revenge, retaliation, or try to undo the wrong that’s been done to you. In those cases, when you can emotionally emancipate yourself from the issue, this gives you back your inner peace of mind and emotional freedom. There really is no use crying over spilled milk.

But even if you want to forgive, it’s not that easy. Oftentimes deep-seated feelings of anger, resentment and a desire for revenge get in the way of us setting ourselves free.

Whenever you are not able to forgive a person, then that’s an indicator that you’re not fully present in the now. It means you’re so strong attached to something that happened in the past, and that your mind simply can’t let go of that.

With the help of a hypnosis download for forgiveness, you can break up that pattern of holding on to the issue. It’s kind of like melting ice – some part of your subconscious mind is frozen, stuck in those energy-draining feelings which prevent you from forgiving the other person.

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