Yoyos in Space

Whether or not you’re a space enthusiast – I think this is really cool. Astronaut & scientist Don Pettit plays with Yoyos in a spacecraft with zero gravity.

Now one of the more outrageous things on my bucket list is to go to outer space during my lifetime and experience zero gravity. So I love this video.

What’s more – Don Pettit is a conspicuously cool scientist and it’s fun to watch him have fun with science and yoyos.

So here’s one of my favorite hypnosis downloads: Ride in a Space Ship Self-Hypnosis

And to become a conspicuously cool scientist like Don, you of course need to study a lot – which actually can be fun! The reason why so many people have an aversion to learning is not that learning itself is boring or dull. It’s rather that we’ve been forced for way too long to learn the wrong things in school in the wrong way. I’m not going to ramble about the state of the education system, other’s have done that much better, but the point I want to make is this: we’re made to learn.

We’re made to explore. We’re made to expand our understanding of the world. It’s an innate part of us, and we should rediscover the joy of learning. And there’s a hypnosis download to make learning fun and easy too off course 😉