“Hypnosis Can Help With All Kinds Of Things”

I asked a friend of mine to share her opinion on hypnosis, because she too has been exploring this wide open field in the past couple of years, and I don’t want HypnoDepot.com to be an “only my personal opinion website”, but I want to you really be able to find all kinds of opinions, theories and tricks about hypnosis. So, with thanks to Jacqueline, here’s her article:

While many people look at Hypnosis as a form of magic or something mysterious, it really is neither. Some people have performed hypnosis on themselves without even knowing it. No special tools, magic words or wands are needed, just simple knowledge of the inner workings of the human mind.

The secrets of hypnosis have been sought after, feared and even caused persecution for a variety of reasons. The Ancient Greeks referred to “hypnos” as sleep, though hypnosis is not really sleep. While different states of hypnosis can be achieved, it need not be a mysterious process brought on only by so called “trained professionals” or traveling money makers.

Many people seek hypnosis to deal with pain. In the 1800’s, before the invention of our modern anesthetic techniques, hypnosis was widely used by medical professionals to help with things as serious as amputation. Extreme pain will challenge the mind to find ways to deal with it. At times a person will lose consciousness because of this type of pain. While in this unconscious state the person is more open to suggestion, and as they wake up from this state of relaxation, these suggestions can become a reality.

People also deal with emotional pain through self hypnosis. Most people do not even realize that they are doing this. It may be as simple as repeatedly doing something different to break a bad habit, or as complex as actually using recorded messages to influence ones daily behavior.

All methods will work if the individual is open to the power of suggestion used to change the mind into believing the reality that they want to believe. Smoking, weight loss, and pain management are some of the most popular areas that people wish to be hypnotized for. The fact that they have accepted the “problem” as something that needs to be changed makes them a prime candidate for hypnotism. When a person realizes that their is a problem, they are on the first step to finding the solution. It’s like realizing that you need to add 2 and 2. As a child this may not seem easy, but as you go through life you automatically carry out this simple task. As we grow and develop, we also increase the ability to overcome more complex situations whether they be physical, mental or spiritual problems.

Some of the techniques of hypnosis are as easy as repeatedly carrying out a task that will lead to a new habit. An example of this is when a person would like to quit smoking. Every time they have a desire to smoke, they need to find a new task for the hands. This is why chewing nicotine gum is only partially effective. The gum continues the chemical dependency and ignores the fact that the person has a desire to change their reality. The reality for the individual is that they want to be free of the nicotine addiction. When the person is free of the nicotine addiction, they will have less desire to suck toxic smoke into their lungs.

Other hypnotic techniques are those used to heal painful memories. As people go through the journey of life, they collect memories that will attack them at the most inconvenient moments. These attacks lead to anxiety, worry and sometimes even physical ailments. Because of this awareness, some people will deny the existence of a disease that has become a reality for a person, which further hurts the individual plagued with the dis-ease. When we are not at ease, or dis-eased, our body does not function at its best and a multitude of negative ailments can physically alter us. While we can change this, it is not always a process that we can accept because of fear and sadly, lack of the sharing of this knowledge of how our body works.

The complex and powerful human mind is able to carry out so many functions, that if we listed them all we would grow weary just thinking about the thousands of tasks our body involuntarily carries out daily. Changing a thought process to achieve desired results, is a simple task compared to the many other functions that our mind controls. Hypnosis whether used in simple forms or complex, is just a part of who we are and who we have always been as a human race.

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