by Bob Walsh

Welcome to HypnoDepot – your leading source for professional, high-quality hypnosis downloads. On this website you can find hypnotic recordings for all kinds of topics, including weight loss, giving up smoking, reducing chronic pain, breaking bad habits, building self-confidence, impulse control treatment and many more.

All self hypnosis audios are just a few mouse clicks away, and you could be listen to them in a matter of minutes. They can be played on your computer, any MP3 player (including iPhones and other smartphones), iPods and you can burn them on CD. You can listen to them as often as you want.

How To Use Hypnosis Downloads?

We recommend that you listen on a regular basis for the first two weeks. Hypnosis is a powerful psychological technique, but it’s not a magic pill. Listening to an hypnosis download only one time probably won’t change your life over night. Hypnosis is a method to direct and accelerate mental and emotional change – and that also requires that you invest some energy into it.

Just passively listening once won’t yield the best results. You should always feel comfortable and relaxed when listening, and if on some days you don’t have the time or just don’t feel like it, you can skip listening to a session.

Each hypnosis MP3 usually lasts around 20 minutes, some more, some less, during which you can take some time out to relax and let your mind drift away.

When To Listen To The Hypnosis Audios?

The ideal time to do this is at night before you go to sleep, as the last thoughts of your waking day make a particularly deep impression into your mind during sleep. The second best time is in the morning after you wake up – even before you get out of bed.

Another very good option is during a day time break when you have time to really wind down and relax. For most hypnosis downloads, we don’t recommend that you squeeze them in – you should be relaxed and comfortable. You can’t rush your subconscious mind.

What Is It Like To Be Hypnotized?

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I got interested in hypnosis in my early 20’s and have attended more than 30 hypnosis workshops, practiced with hundreds of people and reads dozends of books, listened to CDs, studied videos from people like Milton H. Erickson, Richard Bandler, and so on.

I also helped several friends with all kinds of issues successfully – from overcoming shyness, to smoking cessation to weight loss, all through the power of hypnosis.

On this website, I want to share some insights into the world of hypnosis with you, and specially if you want to learn how to hypnotize others, then you should check out the hypnosis product reviews.