Comedy Hypnosis: I Just Didn’t Mind The Humiliation

Here’s a really funny hypnosis story of a guy who got hypnotized during stage hypnosis twice, and both times it was really funny. I think to be able to do that kind of thing, you already have to have a good sense of humor to begin with. So, this falls under “comedy hypnosis”

Hypnosis is a strange experience. I have been hypnotized two times in my life, and both have left me laughing when I think about them.

First off, I would like to say that I was not “faking it,” but I do remember everything that happened to me when I was under hypnosis. To me, being hypnotized was just being very relaxed, to the point that I was willing to do anything in front of anyone, and just did not care that I was humiliating myself.

I was dancing half naked with another man on stage

The first time I was hypnotized, I was at my senior year prom. I remember that I ran on stage when the hypnotist requested volunteers, and the show quickly began. I started to relax more and more until I did not have a care in the world. Finally, the hypnotist said that all of the guys “were Chippendale dancers,” so I began dancing around, and took my shirt of and started spinning it around my head. Then, a friend of mine who was “under” as well began dancing with me, at which point the hypnotist told us to stop.

I came to, half naked and face to face with a friend who was half naked as well. It turns out that someone in the audience filmed this whole experience, and when I came into my homeroom class the next Monday, it turned out that the teacher had gotten a copy of it, and had the video playing on the projector screen in front of the whole class.

Fortunately for me, I was able to just laugh it off.

I gave birth on stage and named my child “Afroman”

My second experience of hypnosis was my freshman year of college, and far less embarrassing. I went into the same exact state as the first time, which was one of extreme relaxation. The hypnotist began then asking questions. He asked me if I were to make out with a famous person, who it would be. I responded by saying the girlfriend of a football player at our University, and the hypnotist said that he did not know of her and that she likely was not famous.

I then had to explain to him that she actually was famous, and was the Playmate of the Month in Playboy. That got a good chuckle out of the hypnotist and the crowd. After the question and answer session, the hypnotist got all of the males to act as though they were giving birth. After we “gave birth,” the hypnotist asked us what our children were named. When he got to me, I responded with “Afroman.” This once again got a good jeer out of the crowd.

I’d do it again if I could

I would say that being hypnotized is a very fun experience, and that if I was given the opportunity to do it again, I would for sure. It is a good, relaxed feeling, and it is very exciting to see what you will say or do when you really do not care about anything in the entire world, and to hear other people’s reactions to it.

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