Help Falling Asleep

by Bob Walsh

Do you need help falling asleep? Do you often feel tired and exhausted when you wake up in the morning, because your night’s sleep was too short? Does it sometimes seem like minutes turn into hours, and hours into days when you lie in bed and can’t fall asleep? If so, then this might be the most important website you’ve read in a long time.

I promise you that falling asleep fast can be easy – just like it once used to be. At one time in your life, you had no trouble falling asleep. Your body has the ability to do so – you just need to remind him how to do it again.

There is a lot of general advice and most of it is pretty good, and I’ll share some of that here. It’s good to familiarize yourself with it and practice it. However, if you want to see a quick improvement in your sleep quality and energy levels, then either behavioural therapy or hypnosis recordings will prove most effective.

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But I’ll get into that later, let’s look at what you can do in general to fall asleep faster:

Unwind at the end of a day and make sure that you are relaxed. Stop any thoughts that race through your mind. Avoid drinking coffee or alcohol before going to bed. Dim the lights. Don’t spend the last hour of the day staring at a computer or TV screen – because your body processes this light as sunlight, thus disorienting your body’s internal clock and making it more difficult for you to fall asleep. A recent study found that the light from mobile phones, tablets, compter and TV screens can cause suppress melatonin by about 22% when exposed two hours before sleeping.1

Also, avoid physical exercise just before going to bed – it raises your body temperature, increases your heart beat and blood circulation, oxygen supply and generally “hypes you up”, so it’s going into the exact opposite direction of where you want to go if you have trouble falling asleep.

Also, avoid emotionally upsetting conversations before going to bed. It’s best to be in a harmonious state of mind already before you switch the light off, otherwise negative feelings will always stirr you up emotionally again and make relaxing more difficult.

Btw. – taking a warm bath before going to sleep is actually good for you. I mentioned before that one of the reasons why you want to avoid physical exercise before going to bed is because it raises your body temperature – so why am I now recommending you to take a warm bath? The answer is simply that when you externally heat up your body with warm water, it will compensate by lowering your body’s temperature shortly after your bath, which will help you to fall asleep faster.

Physical Activity – Get Moving

It’s not just the hours before you go to bed that matter. It’s everything you do during your day. Many people now have sedentary jobs and sedentary lifestyles – we simply don’t move enough, we don’t get enough physical activity.

Studies have shown that exercise helps people to fall asleep faster and easier, and that people who exercise regularly also have more slow-wave sleep.234

Sleeping Pills

Falling asleep with the help of pills might seem tempting – but experience has shown that it is no solution. Yes, they do help to put you to sleep faster, however, the quality of sleep that you get is of lower quality and you won’t wake up with the same level or energy that you’d achieve with natural sleep. What’s more, habitually using sleeping pills to go to sleep has a very negative impact on your long-term sleep patterns and will, in the long run, most likely only worsen your sleep problems.

Where Do You Sleep?

This is another important factor when you have difficulty falling asleep. Sleep scientists have found that the best sleep conditions are pretty much what your grandmother told you: a dark and quiet room, a comfortable mattress and pillow, and a preferably empty stomach (at least not one that is so full that it seems to burst).

A sleep-conducive environment isn’t always important – many people, especially if they grew up this way, can sleep even with a blaring TV in a crowded room. But if you’re having sleep problems, tweak your sleep environment positively.

But ultimately, if you have difficulty falling asleep, it’s because of a mental pattern that got established into your subconscious mind over time. The time before sleeping is being associated with a negative and troublesome experience, and that’s what’s keeping you up every night. The fastest and most effective way is a simple hypnosis recording that helps you to relax and free your mind from all the worries and thoughts that steal your sleep.

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