Quit Drinking Soda

by Bob Walsh

Soda drinks have been called “the next big tobacco” by medical experts. Because they say the damage sugary soda drinks do to people is comparable to the damage cigarettes have done, and corportations employ similar marketing strategies and tactics to inrease profits. In fact, some researchers found that soda corporations employ even more devious methods1. On this website you will find out how to stop drinking soda successfully.

Quit Drinking Soda With Hypnosis

Many people ask: “If I stop drinking soda, will I lose weight?”

The answer to that is a pretty clear yes!

Soda drinks are now the biggest source of empty calories in the USA and Britain, with other European countries catching up fast.  Another study2 has shown that soft drinks account for 20$ – 24% of TOTAL calorie consumption of today’s youth. According to the authors of this study, contracts between soda corporations and schools “have helped encourage student addictions to high-calorie soft drinks“.

Researchers agree that sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) now constitute a major contributor to obesity in developed nations and that “public health advocates need to counter industry CSR with strong denormalization campaigns to educate the public and policymakers about the effects of soda CSR campaigns and the social ills caused by sugary beverages”

Stop Drinking Soda Hypnosis Download

But the next question people then ask is: “How can I stop drinking soda?” And that question is more difficult to answer.

Because while the multi-billion-dollar soft-drink manufacturers try to make you believe that soft-drinks are simply a fun and hip lifestyle choice, medical experts often use the terms like “soda addiction” or “soft drink addiction”. It’s not a choice, it’s a compulsion.

But even if it’s not about losing weight for you – there are many more reasons to stop drinking soda.

1 Can Of Soda Per Day = 18% Higher DIABETES Risk

1 soda daily raises diabetes risk by 18 percentThe sugar in in them can cause diabetes, and soft drinks without sugar usually come with artificial sweeteners which are currently researched because there seem to be links to cancer, degenerative diseases, premature aging, mental decline and other health issues.

A recent study (published in April 2013) has shown that people who drink a 12-ounce sugar-sweetened soda were 18% more likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes.

Stop Drinking Diet Soda (It Alters Your Brain Response To Sweet Taste)

A 2012 study3 found out that people who regularly drink diet sodas (artificially sweetened beverages) process sweet taste differently in the brain from other people. And that “there are alterations in [the brain’s] reward processing of sweet taste in individuals who regularly consume diet soda.”

Quit Drinking Soda With Hypnosis

If you ever tried to give up drinking soda, you already know that it’s not that easy. In fact, you are probably “hooked” – you feel propelled to drink it, sometimes you crave it, and it’s simply to hard to constantly resist this temptation to open another can or take another sip from that sweet, enticing, refreshing bottle.

That’s where hypnosis to stop drinking soda comes in – because it helps to break through this habitual compulsion and makes it possible to resist the temptation, and make naturally more healthy drinking choices.

Quit Drinking Soda Now!

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