How To Deal With Worrying Too Much?

by Bob Walsh

Want to know how to deal with worrying too much? Here some thoughts on that, although we’ve already mentioned that one way of dealing with worries is to have a dedicated worry time every day.

Worrying has plenty of negative effects on your body and mind, and it even makes you age prematurely and can cause a loss of concentration.

But why is it that we are worrying too much in the first place?

Why We Worry

Turns out there are actually some benefits to worrying, and despite what it might look like on the surface, the main reason is emotional.

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Because when we worry about something, we feel less anxious.

This is of course an illusion, but research has shown that it’s a very persistent illusion.

Whenever we worry, there is a reason why we worry, something is making us anxious. When we worry, we feel like we’re dealing with the cause of our anxiety, and that gives us the false illusion of actually doing something about it, getting closer to a solution to the problem that’s causing the anxiety.

Why is this a false sense of comfort?

Because worrying is essentially dwelling on a problem. Dwelling on it is very different from fixing it.

So how to deal with worrying too much?

When you worry, ask yourself: what can I do about it?

That’s how you can begin to transform a worry into a solution.

In the first phase of coming up with an answer to the question what you can do about it, don’t limit yourself. You basically want to get the creative part of your brain flowing.

Later on, you go through the process of evaluating the ideas you came up with and select which one will be the best course of action.

What else can help you to deal with worrying too much?

Emotional Awareness

One of the things that worrying does for you is that it shields you from anxious feelings.

Repeat: Worrying protects you from unpleasant feelings.

Even though worrying doesn’t make you feel good, it at least numbs down negative emotions.

Now when you stop worrying, what you do is that you experience all these unpleasant feelings worrying has shielded you from. And that can be frightening and unpleasant in itself.

But you just need to walk through this.

Recognize that whatever you feel, it’s ok. It’s part of being human. If you try to suppress these thoughts, you won’t be able to experience everything that life has to offer. It’s like a painter who limits itself to using only blue color tones to paint a picture. Sure, there are beautiful mono-color paintings out there, but you’re a human being, not a canvas, and you’ve got a full color spectrum of emotions available to enrich your life.

Is there another way how to deal with worrying too much? You bet!

Fatalistic Thinking?

People who worry excessively tend also to think in terms of black and white, all or nothing. If they are working on a project, and something early on goes wrong, they conclude: I’ll never be able to do this!

Instead, think about failures simply as obstacles to overcome on the way to figuring it out. If something went wrong early on, think: “What can I learn from this? How do I make this work?”

Change Your Mind

Now this might seem outrageous at first to many, but if you are really serious about overcoming your worry habits, you can use hypnosis to stop worrying.

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