Afraid Of Being Judged? This Is How You Get Over It…

by Bob Walsh

If you’re afraid of being judged by others, then please take 5 minutes to read this. It’ll be worth your while. Because right now, you’re not living your life fully. Maybe you’re at 80%, maybe you’re at 15%, maybe somewhere in between. But it’s not where you deserve to be. You deserve better than that.

Stop Judging Yourself

One thing that I discovered about people who are often worried about how other people judge them is that they tend to judge themselves pretty harsh. And if you’re doing this too, it’s time to change this.

scared of being judged

Stop judging yourself. You might not be perfect, but then who is? Nobody. Yes, you have your flaws, and you probably can count more flaws on yourself than on anyone else – but that’s simply because you know yourself so much better than you know anyone else. The truth is: everybody thinks that they are more flawed than others in some corner of their mind. That doesn’t mean that you should not try to improve yourself, but it means that you should let go of judging yourself, and instead accept yourself as the human being that you are.

Don’t Assume Others Are Judgmental

Now I can almost guarantee that you probably often assume that others are judgmental. And maybe sometimes it’s more your assumption that’s causing others to actually judge you, rather than anything else. Because when you’re overly concerned that others may judge you, then you start to act differently, and you become inhibited and lose that certain spark that comes when you truly express yourself. Which is what we want to talk about next.

Be True To Yourself

What’s it like when you’re truly being yourself? When you’re just being absolutely authentic. When you voice your opinions, without being worries how others might think about them. When you comfortably express your individuality, when you share your personality.

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When you laugh about what you think is funny. Aren’t afraid to hide your hopes and disappointments. Feel that easy and relaxed sense of proud and confidence, where you don’t feel a need to defend yourself.

Liberate Your Mind From Fear Of Judgment

It’s all in your mind. But your mind is a strange animal. Even though you can think about what you want to think about, somehow, it still has a life of its own.

Much of what makes you the person who you are is rooted in your subconscious mind. It’s something you can’t completely control.

But with hypnosis, you can train your mind to be more relaxed and at ease in social situations.

Hypnotic suggestions help you to overcome your fear of being judged and instead be comfortable, without having to obsess about what others think about you.

When you begin to realize that what you think about yourself matters so much more, and how good it feels to act according to your true self, others will see you in a much more positive light as well. Because one of the most desirable qualities in human beings is true, uninhibited authenticity. People love being around people who are capable of freely expressing themselves – even when they disagree with them on many issues. But this inner sense of freedom is something everybody craves, and it’s a rare quality. But it’s one that you can develop with this audio hypnosis session by Roger Elliot.

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