Addicted To Sleeping Pills?

by Bob Walsh

One of the reasons why it’s so easy to become addicted to sleeping pills is also that when you’re struggling with insomnia, your body and mind are totally out of balance. The lack of sleep is lowering all your barriers, both physiological and mental.

Sleeping Pill Addiction Is Much More Common Than You Think

World-famous rapper Eminem went into rehab for sleeping pill addiction in 2005. Millions of others struggled with sleeping pill dependency. Yet, every single addict started out believing: “Not me. I can handle this.”

addicted to sleeping pills

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Between 2002 and 2007, the use of prescription sleeping medication increased by 70%, according to a report by pharmaceutical-industry research firm IMS Health.

The “Common Sense Advice”

You probably got lots of “common sense advice”. The kind of advice that tells you what you already know, but what you don’t want to hear, because you don’t believe it works for people like you – people with serious insomnia. People who have the demands placed upon them that you’re faced with in your daily life.

Sleeping pill addicts have a pattern of justifying their use. They usually can tell you all kinds of good, sensible reasons why they need the drugs. They’re able to rationalize their continued usage with a crazy logic that yet seems to make sense on the surface.

So sleeping medication is what you keep using.

Why Are Sleeping Pills So Addictive

One of the things that makes sleeping pills so addictive is the fact that most people take them when their insomnia is the worst. That means, their sleep quality has hit a low point, and they are so desperate that they are trying to find something to fix their sleep problems.

Then, a sleeping pill often provides them an immediate fix of deep sleep. The kind of sleep they’ve been missing out for for such a long time. And that just feels amazing. This intense contrasts creates an emotional memory of the positive power of the sleeping pills. Deep within the subconscious mind this experience is stored as an information that says: “Wow! Sleeping pills really help me to get great sleep!”

Overcome Sleeping Pill Addiction

Sure, on a rational, conscious, logical level we do know that there is a potential for dependency.

Rebound Insomnia

What’s more, once you start taking sleeping pills habitually, you will often experience rebound insomnia. That means you’ll have a hard time sleeping as a side effect of being used to sleeping pills.

Quit Sleeping Pills Cold?

If you think sheer willpower is enough to quit taking sleeping pills, you’re up for a nasty surprise. Very few people are able to “will” themselves out of a sleeping pill addiction. Instead, they occasionally try, give up after a couple of days and tell themselves: “Now just isn’t the right time. I’ll get to this when…”. It becomes a moving-time-frame, where they perpetually keep putting it off for another time.


There’s also a danger when you’re just quitting cold that you escape into alternative addictions. Many people who are addicted to sleeping pills, and then quit, tend to take up other addictions: alcohol or other substances.

Sleepless Nights When Quitting

Most people who just quit taking sleeping pills will experience several sleepless nights in a row. And the urge to take these pills gets overwhelming if all they rely on is their willpower.

Hypnosis For Sleeping Pill Addiction

Hypnosis can help you to deal with all the challenges of overcoming your sleeping pill addiction. It trains your subconscious mind to find other ways to get into that relaxed state that is a precursor for deep sleep. To learn more about how this audio hypnosis download for sleeping pill addiction works, click here…

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