Ashamed Of Wealth? Shame, Money, And How To Get Over It

by Bob Walsh

It’s a funny thing – so many people strie to become more wealthy. So many people desire it so much. So many people greed for money.

Yet, somewhere in the back of our minds, we seem to have a little voice that keeps telling us we have to be ashamed of our desire for money. Or if we already are wealthy, we feel embarrassed for our abundant financial situation.

ashamed about wealth

But if you really want to enjoy the wealth you already have, or get to where you want to be financially, then you need to embrace your wealth as a blessing in your life, rather than somehow feeling remorseful about it.

This audio hypnosis download can help you to realign your mind in a way that is more in sync with financial abundance.

There is no honor in being poor. There is honor in creating financial abundance and then using it to express yourself and make the world more the kind of place you want to be.

Despite what the media might tell you, most wealth is actually created by people who have worked very hard for many years before being able to enjoy the financial rewards. Why should they be ashamed about this? They’ve often been willing to do what others weren’t willing to do, and they have taken risks others didn’t want to take. In hindsight, many people will look back and think: “Of course, I’d have done that too if I had the chance.” – But in hindsight, every other person’s achievement is, well, easy, right?

hypnosis downloadBe Proud About Getting Rich

The fact that the media often portraits wealthy people as greedy, corrupt, criminal or arrogant doesn’t help.

It reinforces an idea that wealth somehow compromises your character. It doesn’t at all. When you have wealth, and you have a healthy, uninhibited relationship to money then wealth only strenghthens and empowers you to live life more to the values you truly want to adhere to.

Wealth can be a great enabler of doing things on your own terms, rather than having others dictate for you what you should do with your time and talent.

Your attitude about wealth and money matters a lot. Because your attitude will alter how you talk about it. And what you do to get it, keep it or spend it.

Think of this hypnosis download as a way of optimizing your emotional and psychological relationship to money. You can give your subconscious mind an alternative perspective, a better way of looking at wealth.

And you can let go of any shame, guilt and embarrassment that might still linger around within you when it comes to money and wealth.

hypnosis downloadOvercome “Wealth Shame”

Photo Credit: peasap | Most people agree that those who have respectfully earned their wealth should not feel ashamed about it. | In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of. – Confucius

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