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by Bob Walsh


my name is Robert Walsh and I am NOT a hypnotherapist.

However, I guess I could be one.

I studied hypnosis since my early twenties after reading Tony Robbin’s Awaken the Giant Within. That took me to reading Richard Bandler’s and John Grinder’s books on NLP and lots of other books on the subject. Once I was finished with most of the NLP literature out there (yes, I read more than 100 books on the subject), I attended my first NLP workshop and became a “NLP Practitioner”.

Now, if you know anything about NLP, you know that being a “licensed NLP Practitioner” doesn’t mean squat, and neither is “Master Practitioner” or “NLP Trainer”. So I won’t bother you with any more titles.

However, what I want to share with you is that I studied with lots of different trainers, visited more than 20 hypnosis seminars and I guess as many NLP workshops in the states and in Europe, I studied with Richard Bandler and and and.

So, I am not the “Hypnosis Uber-Guru”, but I definitely know about on the subject, and have taught in the United States (NYC & San Fran), Germany, Thailand and Singapore.

And I want to share some of my knowledge and experiences here with you – and if you have questions, always be free to contact me.

And recently, I got a twitter account too where I’ll be sharing some cool hypnosis tips too, so be sure to follow me on twitter @hypnosisbliss or friend me on Facebook or put me in your circles at Google+.

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