Hypnotic Healing

Hypnotic healing is a scientifically researched – and proven – method of accelerating the healing process. With the following hypnosis download you can heal yourself faster by simply listening to it in a relaxed and receptive state of mind.

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It is amazing how much we do not yet understand about how healing works – despite thousands of years of traditional health care and decades of modern medicine, supported by the most expensive research equipment.

But what we do know is that your mental and emotional state plays an important role. People who are under a lot of stress heal less well and slower.

The Science of Hypnotic Healing: A Harvard Study

Researchers from Harvard Medical School wanted to find out whether hypnotic healing really works. They recruited a group 18 volunteers. All of them were female and would receive the same kind of breast surgery (a breast reduction surgery for women whose breasts where so large that it caused them back problems).

The main focus of the study was not whether patients felt better (which they did when receiving hypnosis), but whether the damaged tissue actually would repair faster, whether hypnosis could make structural changes within the body.

The 18 volunteers were divided into 3 groups of 6.

The first group received standard care, the second group received standard care and psychological support by a psychologist and the third group received hypnotic healing suggestions. (Audio recordings were used for the hypnotic healing, just as the hypnosis download you find below).

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One week after the surgery, nurses and assessed the wounds of all women. They did not know which women belonged to which group. Pictures of the wounds were also taken and then later assessed by independent physicians.

The results spoke for themselves: those who received hypnosis for healing healed much faster than both other groups.

How Hypnotic Healing Works

The truth is, we do not know how exactly it works – but we do know how to make it work.

Essentially hypnotic healing can put you into a state of deep and pleasant relaxation, and then help your subconscious mind to proactively contribute to the way your organism reacts to stress. “Stress” in this context means not the kind of stress we are under when we are really busy, but physiological stress on cells and tissues – for example a wound or a disease.

Be it a wound, a broken bone or a disease – hypnosis has been used as an effective means to shorten the recovery time of thousands of individuals.

Hypnotic affirmations and mental imagery are used to mobilize the healing powers of your subconscious mind.

The field of psychoneuroimmunology has shown that body and mind are not only inseparable intertwined, but they are in fact one functional unit. The separation of body and mind is more a mental construct that we have, rather than a phenomenon in reality.

As fascinating as all of this might be – we can do nothing more than study it further and further, to gain a clearer understanding, without ever really being able to find all the answers we are looking for.

But what we do now is that hypnotic healing works – and that you can use it, right away, to help your body to recover faster and get healthy quicker.

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