Gaming Addiction Help

by Bob Walsh

Computer games are a series of interesting choices (Sid Meier)

There is no doubt that playing computer games can be a lot of fun. And new research has shown that there are in fact benefits to playing computer games. For example, many games help to develop and refine fine motor skills, and particularly hand-eye coordination.

Studies have shown that showed that surgeons who play computer games often perform  better than surgeons who don’t play, because playing trains their hand-eye-coordination and fine motor skills.

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Games are like homebrew neuroscience. They are a little digital drug that you can use to run experiments in your own brain.

There are educational games too. Some games, like guitar hero for example, help people to develop skills they would never develop otherwise. For example, just a small part of the millions of people who play this game would ever think of learning basic music theory -yet, thanks to the game, they learn basic music skills automatically, without putting in study time, but just by having fun.

But despite all these benefits – there also is a downside to playing computer or video games (or games on your iPhone, iPad or smartphone). And especially if you play too much of it – gaming addiction help might be good for you then.

Some people are so fascinated by the world of video games that they even stop doing all kinds of other activities. They would rather spend their time playing computer games than meeting friends, or eating with their family members.

In the long term, this kind of behavior can lead to isolation. What is more is that some people even end up not taking showers, and neglect other basic things that everyone should be taking care of. Students do not do their homework, family members neglect their duties, people just don’t clean up their rooms anymore and so on.

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This kind of an addiction is something that sticks in your mind, and often addicts think all day long about computer games, even during work or when they hang out with friends. This takes away from their concentration.

Many of the people who are addicted to computer games do not think of it as a problem. That’s why they never try to get gaming addiction help. They insist that it is just a hobby that they enjoy, and that it does no harm. However, a hobby is something that you can go on with for a couple of weeks without problems.

But a lot of gamers are not capable of doing that – or they say that they don’t want to. After all, they are not addicted, so what would be the point of proving it? This kind of logic can of course be a dangerous trap.

A simple thing you can do to check whether you should do something about your love for gaming is answer this question honestly: does your gaming activity take away from other important areas of your life? And that includes your sleep time. If you often stay awake late into the night playing computer games to the point of exhaustion, then there is no doubt that things have gotten out of hand.

It’s time to regain control over how you spend your free time. A game is just a virtual thing, something that does not exist in reality.

Hypnosis can help you to overcome your gaming addiction and reduce your gaming to good levels. You do not have to complete give up video games if you don’t want to. Just making sure that you limit playing to a certain amount of time, so that all other areas of your life get the proper attention and care.

Computer games themselves are not evil or bad – but just like any good thing, if used excessively, they do harm.

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