Manage ADHD Without Medication

by Bob Walsh

If you have an ADHD mind, you know how difficult it is to focus on command. Even when you try to muster up all your willpower to concentrate – your mind jumps around like a frog on amphetamines. Your attention is out of control. And you don’t know what to do about it. Sure, there’s always medication, but there might be a better way to manage ADHD that doesn’t require lifelong medication.

The Key To Concentration: Fascination

I am 100% sure that there are certain activities where you can concentrate easily. In fact, you don’t eve need to try to concentrate – focus happens automatically. You just get into a state of flow.

When things, tasks or activities fascinate you, it really engages your mind. And outside distractions don’t interrupt you. Isn’t that right?

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Almost every man, woman, boy and girl that I ever met who has ADHD knows this phenomenon very well.

You can’t force yourself to concentrate. But when something interests and fascinates you, you get into a state of…

Effortless Concentration

Your mind just absorbs and processes information by itself. You don’t need to try to push your mind to do it. Your brain is doing all the hard work for you. In fact, it doesn’t feel like work at all. It feels like play.

It’s the kind of deep mental focus that you can so often observe in children when they are playing a game, drawing a picture, listening to a story or just daydreaming.

Isn’t it strange that your mind has the ability to focus – but that you don’t seem to have conscious control over it?

Have you ever wondered…

Why You Can Focus On Some Things And Not Others

Experts like to say it’s because of a “chemical imbalance in your brain”… But what does that really mean? And how does that help you to become more focused?

It’s also a pretty imprecise use of language. Because there is no particular chemical in your brain which you don’t have enough (or too much) of.

Instead, it’s about the chemicals which are produced and released at your synapses. You probably know what synapses are: tiny junctions between brain cells, where messages get transmitted.

Now the amounts of chemicals we are talking about here is very, very, very tiny.

And the problem usually is not that you don’t have enough of them, or too much of them. The problem is that these chemicals are usually not released in the right way. (It’s something that happens very fast, very often). And so the messages kind of get “lost” on the way, and you lose your train of thought.

But, and it’s important to recall this: this chemical malfunction happens only when something isn’t interesting and fascinating to you.

But when you’re mentally engaged and enchanted, these chemical processes function just fine.

So the way to solve your problem is not to flood your brain with broad-band pharmaceutical “bombs” that throw your natural brain-chemistry out of balance in the long run.

It’s simply to find ways to make things more interesting, fascinating, engaging and enchanting. And that’s something you can achieve with the power of your mind.

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