Being Too Uptight? Want To Loosen Up?

by Bob Walsh

Do you feel you’re being too uptight? Are you often taking things too serious and want to loosen up, and become more fun?

That’s awesome. And you’re about to find out how to do that.

be less uptight

You see, you don’t need to become a shallow, irresponsible douche bag, that’s not what loosening up is about. It’s simply about developing new perspectives, about becoming more flexible in your thinking.

Taking yourself too serious isn’t going to help you anywhere.

People who are too uptight are often easily bothered by other people and get easily (too easily) annoyed. They often view others as thoughtless and inconsiderate, silly or immature.

They also tend to be more judgmental – they think of other people’s behavior of immature and have rather fixed and rigid ideas of how others should act and talk.

They also tend to get nervous, worried or anxious when things don’t go the way they planed. To them, being spontaneous feels like being unprepared. They often wish they’d be able to…

… Just Go With The Flow.

Sometimes just allow yourself to relax. You may have high standards, but if they always cause you to be tense, just lighten up a bit every now and then. The highest standards won’t do you no good if you’re constantly stressed out, tense and on the edge.

You’re Not 100% Uptight, But Even Being 40% Uptight Isn’t Good

Very few people are a “picture perfect uptight person”. So you will probably find that some of these characteristics describe you very well, while others don’t. Still, it’s not about how many of these qualities you’re dealing with, but how those qualities that you are dealing with impact your social life.

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The Art Of Easygoing

Taking things easy isn’t the same like being lazy. Sometimes you need to let go of the tension. It’s like shooting an arrow. Yes, you need to pull the bowstring back until there is tension. But in order to actually shoot the arrow, you need to release the tension.

Also, say “yes” more often. Most people who are too uptight tend to say “no” way too often. Open yourself up to some new experiences and practice flexibility in your actions, and flexibility in your attitude will follow.

Social Skills

If you’re being too uptight, other people may view you as serious, intimidating, arrogant, sensitive or unapproachable.

You might feel inhibited in social situations, maybe you’re a bit touchy or tend to overreact when things go wrong. Maybe you feel like you have to control or restrain yourself around others, in order to be “proper” or avoid being misjudged. And if you learn to loosen up a bit, it might be more fun to spend time with you for others.

Letting loose is about just going with the flow, and accepting the fact that not everything has to be reasonable or make sense.

You can use hypnosis to train your subconscious mind to naturally become more relaxed and easygoing, and overcome your uptight character traits and behavior.

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