Nightmares in Children: How To Calm Them Down & Get Them Back To Sleep Using A “Hypnotic Story”

by Bob Walsh

Kids, just like adults, sometimes have nightmares. Except that they tend to have them more often than adults, and they tend to be more frightened by them. And if you are a parent, that can be tough on you too, because putting a frightened kid back to sleep can be really challenging. Fortunately, nightmares are essentially stories – dreamed up stories. And the reason why kids are scared even after they wake up is because they keep (subconsciously) telling themselves the stories, they are still “living the story”, acting it out.


And if you tell them another story that resolves the fears of the nightmare story, then they won’t be afraid, and they will go back to sleep after a nightmare.

But how to tell that kind of story?

What most parents do is they just tell their kids: Don’t be afraid, it was just a dream. It isn’t real.

But kids don’t understand that. To them, a dream seems just a real as reality. They don’t have a concept of reality yet. To them, what they dream they see, they actually see. What they feel they feel, they actually feel.

Reassurance sometimes isn’t enough. Because a child is just as sure about his or her dream as you are about the fact that it was just a product of imagination.

Talk About The Nightmare The Next Day

You may think it’s better not to talk about a nightmare on the next day. After all, it was scary, why should you bring it up again? But talking about the experience when your child is calm and relaxed, and not scared anymore, can actually help him or her to deal with it better next time.

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It’s kind of creating a reference experience. You can tell your child that sometimes when we sleep we can have a dream that makes us feel so scared, but that they can just go back to sleep again and that there is no danger. Their own experience has just confirmed this after all.

The Power Of Positive Stories

As already mentioned, with the right story, you can teach your child not to be afraid. A story that gives your child courage is structured in a certain way, so that it is engaging right from the beginning.

Storytelling has been used to convey values, life lessons and ways of looking at life throughout human history, in all cultures and countries. And even in todays world, where most storytelling is served to us from TV screens, computers or tablets, the power of verbal storytelling is still unbroken.

Hypnosis For Children?

If you’re a responsible parent, you probably wonder whether hypnosis for children is safe. After all, a child’s mind works differently than a grown-up’s mind.

And that’s precisely why it’s important to have a qualified hypnotherapist craft a hypnotic story taking these differences into consideration.

Roger Elliott from Hypnosis Downloads has many years of experience with hypnosis for kids, and he is sharing a hypnotic story for kids who have nightmares. It’s a lovely little story that will help your kid to deal with nightmares more competently.

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