Most People Are Too Busy Counting Calories To Really Lose Weight

by Bob Walsh

Don’t eat this. Stay away from that. This one has too much sugar. That one too much fat.

You’ve probably been there. Constantly trying to deny yourself all the things you want to eat.

How’s that working for you?

Does it make you feel stressed and irritable?

Do you feel guilty about eating foods that make you happy?

How often have you told yourself: “Well, I’m going to eat healthier tomorrow.”

Does getting in shape really have to be that hard?

How about all those slim people? Do you think they’re fighting the same urges every day? Or did they just get lucky DNA? Do they have superior will-power?

hypnosis downloadWeight Loss Without Willpower

Nope, it’s none of that. In many ways slim people are just like you. But there is a difference.

They think and feel different about food than you do. In fact, they enjoy eating more than you do. They get more pleasure and satisfaction out of every bite than you get.

The Factual Function Of Food

Food is not just something that fulfills a physical need. It’s not just about supplying your body with nutrients. There’s an emotional side to eating, and it matters way more than most people would think.

When you eat certain foods – particularly foods that have a high fat-content, lots of sugar or salt – the pleasure center in your brain lights up. Happy hormones get released into your blood stream and suddenly the world seems like a better place.

But if you’re overweight, you’re brain has gotten “numb”. That’s why you need to eat more food – because your brain isn’t as reactive to food as the brain of slim people.1

Chances are, all the willpower you are mustering up right now to fight your food cravings are depleting you of the very energy you need to make consistently better food choices. If you adapt the thought patterns of slim people, you don’t need willpower. It doesn’t require discipline. Just a fundamental desire to give your body what you truly need to feel good. And you already have that (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading these words right now).

The only thing that’s missing is the right mental blueprint for…

Effortless Permanent Weight Loss

Changing the way you think and feel about food isn’t easy. You could try using things like affirmations and mental training, telling yourself thousands of times that you’ll make better eating decisions.

Or you could simply “download” the right mental blueprint into your brain. This is what the weight loss hypnosis pack does for you. You basically “feed” your subconscious mind with the right mental attitude about eating.

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