Stop Smoking Hypnosis By Igor Ledochowski

by Bob Walsh

In this video you can see Igor Ledochowski, the creator of the famous conversational hypnosis course work with a woman to make her stop smoking with hypnosis.

You can see that he uses the hypnotic confusion technique quite extensively, as well as hypnotic commands and a lot of NLP stuff and an occasional pattern interrupt here and there.

The woman on stage is a good demonstration subject, because even though the camera points at her from an angle, you can still see her eye movements.

Now I transcribed the explicit hypnotic trance induction to stop smoking that he used with the woman on stage for you here, but keep in mind that much of it is connected and references things he did and said prior to actually starting with this induction (and some things which will will reference after the overt hypnotic trance session is over).

I’d like for you to notice something

that you have an unconscious mind

that does all of this for you

and in the same way

as you discovered a different way of being

a better you

when under pressure

better than smoking

there you go

it’s happening already, isn’t it?

I wonder if those eyes will close all the way

to allow you to complete

rooting out everything

there you go

routing out every element

that’s it

every association and every connection

every need and every desire

so that you can learn fully and completely

that as a non-smoker you are so much more

there you go

and everything you used to think smoking gave you

is a tiny little insect of a thing

compared to the amazing things you get to experience now instead.

You know what I mean by that, don’t you?

And I really don’t know how long this process will take to complete

nor will you

because 20 years of smoking

may require some time to go through and process fully

but then again

you managed with the pressure

which was pretty intense

you managed that pretty quickly

So I guess there is some part of you that knows something

about change,


Just rest there for a while

and notice it happening.

You don’t need to do anything

other than wait for your eyes to open,

that will be your signal that it’s done.


there’s really no hurry.

I will talk elsewhere

but it’s of no importance what I’m saying

it’s of more importance that you continue and complete the process that you’re in right now

Does that make sense?

Time is of no meaning at this point.

When you listen to this hypnotic induction, make sure that you also pay close attention to his intonation and watch what is happening on stage. You can see that he is using anchors and nonverbal gestures, and they are just as important as the words that he uses.

If you want to stop smoking the best way to do so is the 10 Steps To Become A Non-Smoker Program With Hypnosis.

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