Igor Ledochowski

by Bob Walsh

Igor LedochowskiIgor Ledochowski is the man who will teach you about conversational hypnosis in what is now known to be the the most legendary course that is available to the public.

He was born 1974 and despite his young age is known to be one of the leading experts in the field of conversational hypnosis.

He actually studied law at the University of Exeter where he received his Bachelor of Laws. He later got hired by the global law firm linklater, but remained interested in the subject of accelerated learning. This is how he actually got introduced to hypnosis and neuro linguistic programming.

He used the same accelerated learning methods that he applied to studying law and dedicated his full attention to studying law.

He studied under leading hypnotists like Richard Bandler, Stephen Gilligan, John LaValle, Stephen Brooks and John Grinder.

He quickly rose to the top of hypnosis trainers and tutored master classes in hypnotherapy at the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and the Hypnotherapy Association.

Global corporations like Proctor & Gamble, J. Sainsbury and Grant Thornton hired him to train their upper-level management in conversational hypnosis and persuasive language patterns.

This was the time when Igor Ledochowski turned from a “learning fanatic” into a “teaching fanatic”, and he developed new concepts of teaching hypnosis utilizing hypnotic techniques.

He published courses, books and videos on conversational hypnosis and finally developed the Conversational Hypnosis course with Clifford Mee.

Little did he know how upset “the establishment” would react to these techniques being released to the public. Associations and hypnotherapists left and right were distancing themselves from Igor Ledochowski. The reason for their aggravation? They thought that it was irresponsible to teach people advanced psychological methods of manipulation without proper medical training, and without having them adhere to a legally binding code of conduct.

Igor Ledochowski argued that political leaders, spin doctors and public relation companies were already using these techniques “on the public”, and it would only benefit everyone if these methods became publicly available.

However, mainstream media has so far not yet picked up on this information, maybe it’s a case of “ignorance on purpose”.

Ledochowski continues to teach these methods nonetheless and is creating a network of advanced hypnostists worldwide who are using the hypnotic methods in such diverse fields as therapy, coaching, sales and persuasion.

However – one thing that all these professionals have in common is that they use these skills also to enjoy their private lives better.

Igor Ledochowski’s work has heavily been influenced by master hypnotist Dr. med. Milton H.Erickson, who developed and mastered the field of conversational hypnosis in order to be able to therapeutically work with his clients.

The reason why Dr. Erickson spend so many years developing methods of “covert hypnosis” for therapy was that medical doctors were not allowed to practice hypnosis, otherwise they’d risk losing their license.

(In fact, there was a funny episode were Milton H. Erickson used hypnosis to win a panel of doctors who gathered to revoke his license).

Ledochowski likes to classify hypnotists into three groups:

  1. Mechanics
    These are hypnotists who learned “techniques” and “methods”. They use what they learned, but they have that “set of skills” – and that’s the limitation of their ability. They don’t understand the principles behind the methods, they don’t understand WHAT makes it work, so they depend on others developing the techniques and teach them to them. If the techniques they know of don’t work, then that’s just bad luck.
  2. Engineers
    These are hypnotists who understand the principles behind the methods. They understand why certain techniques work and thus are able to come up with new ways of doing things – new hypnotic techniques, new interventions, and new ways to utilize hypnosis.
  3. Magicians
    These people don’t just understand the principles – they internalized them, live them, breath them. ‘Magicians’ naturally use hypnosis in everything they do, and there is no conscious effort required in most situations. To them, hypnosis has become their “native language”.

Here you can see a video from 2011 where Igor Ledochowski talks to people who start out hypnotizing people. One question he got many times was: “How do I know if I am hypnotizing people the right way?” Watch how he answers:

Basically his answer consists of two parts:

  1. If you are getting the result you want, then you’re doing hypnosis right. So if you see relaxation and other signs of hypnosis, that’s good.
  2. Test your work. So give your hypnotic subject a suggestion and see if they respond to it. It’s best to use simple suggestions for testing purposes: Things like a arm catalepsy, subconscious finger signals and so on.

You can watch more videos of Igor Ledochowski or read more about Igor Ledochowski’s Conversational Hypnosis course.

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Brian Flannery June 24, 2012 at 7:50 pm

I’m interested in this subject and want to know more about the course. Im a salesman and Id like to improve my ability to do my job and help my family.

Hypnotist June 25, 2012 at 2:31 am

Hi Brian,
you’re definitely on the right track, sales hypnosis can be a powerful tool to help your prospects make better buying decisions. Please keep in mind that sales hypnosis shouldn’t be used to sell something to people that they won’t benefit from, but instead help them to make the right choice, it’s all about the win-win.
Igor’s conversational hypnosis course isn’t specifically made for sales professionals, but I have looked at sales hypnosis courses (including The Hypnotic Salesman) but find Igor’s course a lot better a helping you to practice sales hypnosis successfully.
Best of luck,

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