Stop Being Envious

Envy is the feeling you get when someone else has something that you want, and you feel like you should have it too. Psychological scientists have a fancy name for it too: mimetic desire. And it’s responsible for moving billions of dollars worth of purchases every single year.

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Keeping up with the Joneses is responsible for keeping the economy going, and in many cases it’s the real reason why we want that fancy car or the newest widget. Yes, Apple does create great products, but that’s not the reason they sell billions worth of iPhones and iPads – while there is a core of people who love Apple products because of the quality and design, there is also a very large group of people who buy Apple products simply because other people have Apple products.

Envious Of Other People’s Success?

But it’s not just objects we can be envious of: we can also be envious of other people’s achievements. And if that’s the case for you, then you might want to practice what Warren Buffett called the “inner scorecard”.

When you are preoccupied with other people’s success, it takes time away from tending your own garden of success. Some people are all about their outer scorecard – all about appearance and the way other people perceive them. But you don’t want to be one of these people, because while other people look at them and think they have a great life, inside these people often feel empty and desperate.

Your life is not a race against other people – it’s a marathon against yourself. Instead of comparing yourself to others, compare today’s you with yesterday’s you – if you’re better today than you have been yesterday, and you keep that up, then you’re successful.

Why Envy Is Bad For You

However, the bad thing about envious is that you’re emotionally poisoning yourself. We won’t be able to enjoy the good things you have in life as long as you’re envious and resentful.

Discontent isn’t what gives you a better life. Being focused on your goals and ambitious in achieving them will on the other hand will. And it’s not bitter feelings that get you there.

A 2012 study1 has shown that contagious desires are hardwired into our brains – it’s something that takes place automatically, outside of conscious control.

When people experience mimetic desire the parietal lobus of their brain gets hyperactive, as do the ventral striatum and the medial prefrontal cortex.

Hypnosis can help you to overcome feelings of envy and free up all the emotional energy that get’s tied up in jaundice.

Stop Being Envious

Another thing you can do is to practice gratitude daily. Express your gratitude – write what you are grateful for, say it out loud (in front of the mirror or to other people), sing it if you feel like it.

Also, engage in things that give you innate pleasure. Do things that you love to do, rather than doing things you would like to get credit for having done.

But envy is a deep-seated attitude, something that’s tricky to shake off because it can subtly wrap itself around every thought you carry in your head.

And that’s why hypnosis against envy is so powerful, because it purifies your mind by using the power of hypnotic suggestions to clean up your subconscious mind.

Stop Being Envious Hypnosis Download

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