The worst enimy you can have in life can’t be found in the world around you. Because your worst enemy hides in your own head, and he’s sabotaging you in ways you’ll never know.

Stop Self-Sabotating Now

Why is this inner enemy so dangerous? Because he knows exactly how you tick, and he knows exactly how to get you off track.

Effects of Self-Sabotage

There are many ways self-sabotage can affect your life. For some people, it’s being stuck in a certain level of “success”, and not being able to really move ahead. This way, even with all the knowledge, all the skills, all the resources and connections, all the right strategies and opportunities, you still remain just this: a failure.

For others it’s in the area of personal relationships: not being able to share yourself with others the way you want to, unable to establish the kinds of relationships with other people you want. There are some people who are really good at making casual acquaintances and friends, but terrible and creating deep, meaningful relationships. And then there are others who might have a couple of deep, meaningful, loving relationships, but they are really bad at basic socializing, which makes it more difficult to make new friends.

Some people always choose the wrong partner – a partner that will do the sabotaging for them. This is self-sabotage by proxy.

Overcome Self-Sabotage

Others sabotage themselves by making unhealthy eating choices or never following through on decisions, beginning projects and then abandoning them in midair, never really bringing anything to completion.

There are so many ways self-sabotage behavior can negatively impact your life.

It’s like you’re holding your self back, collecting regrets and grievances which you accumulate in your heart, bitter thoughts you can’t let go of. The longer this goes on, the worse it gets.

That’s why it’s important that you stop self-sabotage as soon as you can. And “as soon as you can” doesn’t mean you have to do it within the first month or first year of engaging in self-destructive behaviors. It means you have to do it now. You have to start tackling this issue now. The longer you put this off, the more you allow self-sabotage to interfer with your dreams and ambitions, the more gut- and heartwrenching it will be. Life is a limited opportunity. We can only waste so many days before our time’s up, and you need to get going now if you want to live a fulfilled life.

The cost of self-sabotage is simply too high. You’ll let other people exploit the opportunities which are open to you, you’ll let others have the relationships you want to have – it’s like you’re putting a knive into your own chest and twisting it around.

There are many reasons why people sabotage themselves: maybe we think we’re not good enough, maybe we think we’re too stupid, maybe we’re subconsciously afraid of success. It’s often limiting beliefs which we have acquired early in life, beliefs which we’re sometimes not even consciously aware of.

Hypnosis for self-sabotage can help you to reprogram your mind: turn self-destruction into self-made success and empower yourself instead of limiting yourself.

Stop Self-Sabotating Now