How To Deal With “Hypnotic Resistance”?

by Bob Walsh

What do you do when somebody doesn’t go into a trance, even though you’ve tried different hypnotic techniques on them?

I know that many people, when they start out with hypnosis and they don’t yet have hypnotized hundreds and hundreds of people, then they are often concerned about this scenario, and they are concerned about losing face when the hypnotic subject doesn’t go into a trance when they want them to. They are afraid of failing basically.

And that just sometimes happens, even to experiences hypnotists. And there are ways to work around that if you encounter “resistance”.

The first thing that you should do is: you should not think about resistance as resistance. The hypnotic subject is not resisting you, they are not even resisting your hypnotic induction. It’s just that you haven’t yet given them the right input they need in order to allow themselves to relax, to allow themselves to switch of their conscious minds and in order to allow themselves to experience that trance and experience that hypnotic state.

So, it’s not resistance, it’s just that you haven’t found the right “key” so to speak to open the door to the subconscious mind. And of course, if you don’t use the right key to open the door, then how can you expect the door to open?

And just because your own key works for your own house, doesn’t mean that it fits for your neighbours house too.

With hypnosis it’s really a lot simpler than with keys and houses, because the human mind is a lot more flexible, there are so many different ways to put someone into a trance and you DON’T need a unique, custom-made trance induction for every single individual on planet earth. You don’t need a unique approach for every single person to put them in an hypnotic state… but the fact that you don’t encounter more “resistance” is just due to the amazing flexibility of the mind.

Rule Number One: Stay Cool, Calm & Relaxed

So, don’t be surprised if every once in a while there is a hypnotic subject who doesn’t respond the way you expected to. And when that happens, the first thing you should do is: just stay cool, calm and relaxed. Don’t self-doubt yourself all of the sudden, don’t flush with embarassement or anything like that. Just remain calm and steady, be a smooth operator and just tell them that it’s ok.

“If your conscious mind prefers he can stay wide awake and think whatever it wishes to think, and even believe that you are not yet in an hypnotic state, and he, your conscious mind, can even make you believe that you are not yet in a hypnotic state, while I and the other part of you, your subconscious mind enjoy working together in a deep hypnotic trance, unknown to your conscious mind…”

You can say things like that – there are MANY ways how you can utilize “resistance” or “unhypnotizability”…

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