Slimming Hypnosis Download

by Bob Walsh

If you want to get slim there a literally a thousand things you could do, a thousand books you could read, a thousand diet plans to follow. But all that knowledge does you no good – because you actually know already what you have to do. You know that cookie isn’t good for you, that bacon isn’t good for you, you know it’s too late to eat, you know you should eat “that” now. So what you’re missing is not a “how to guide” (because chances are – you already have access to a good one), but the missing piece for you is something that helps you translate that knowledge into action.

Slimming Hypnosis Download

Why is it so hard to resist a temptation?

Why is it so hard to stop eating?

Why is it so hard to eat the healthy snack, instead of the one that will make you fatter?

There are no simple answers to this – but there is a part of your mind that seems to sabotage your efforts to get slim. And that part of your mind is out of your control. It’s your subconscious mind.

So even when you tell yourself: “That’s it, I’m going to lose weight. I’m going to stop eating _____”.

And soon, you’ll be eating ____.

And you tell yourself: “I’m going to eat less ____.”

And soon, you’ll eat more ____.

That “system” isn’t working.

Slimming Hypnosis Download

So if this “method” doesn’t work – what to do? If conscious effort isn’t enough – what is? If willpower doesn’t get the job done – what will?

You probably guessed it already: hypnosis.

Because it addresses your subconscious mind. It helps to naturally shift the way you think about eating. It helps to transform the way you feel about food. So you don’t have to force yourself to do it.

Basically you adapt the subconscious strategies of slim people, you start to act and behave like slim people do – without pushing yourself or controlling your behavior.

Don’t expect hypnosis to make you slim overnight. It’s not like that. But it will change your behavior so that you can create weight loss that lasts – you shed the pounds steadily AND keep them off long term.

How To Use The Slimming Hypnosis Audio?

You can listen to it on your computer, iPhone, MP3 player, iPod, smartphone or stereo system – anywhere where you can play an MP3 file. You can also burn it on CD for yourself if you want to do that.

Please don’t listen to this self hypnosis session while you’re doing other things – especially not driving a car or operating machinery.

We recommend you listen to it every day for several weeks. The best time to the hypnotic slimming trance is before you go to bed – because during this time the imprints in your mind will be processed most powerfully.

Slimming Hypnosis Download