What A Dancing Traffic Cop Can Teach You About Having Fun At Work

by Bob Walsh

If you’re a police man, directing traffic is probably the worst assignment you can end up with. Who likes to stand in the middle of the street all day while cars drive by, doing something that a little device (a traffic light) could actually do a lot easier.

So when I saw how much this traffic cop enjoyed his work, I loved it. Watch him dance and do the moonwalk while he’s directing the traffic:

Admittedly – he’s not going to make it on the list of the world’s greatest dancers anytime soon. But list of world’s greatest traffic cops? Maybe! And he surely was having a great time instead of a terrible day.

And if he’d team up with colleagues, like these traffic cops in Thailand did, he might actually put on a nice show (and yes, those are real cops):

So think about your job for a moment – chances are: it’s probably a lot nicer than being a traffic cop. We all have days where we don’t feel like going to work, but you always have a chance to do something to have more fun at work :-)

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