The Ancient Mosaic in the Dirt…

by Bob Walsh

Maybe you’re wondering why I’m writing about an ancient mosaic which has been discovered in southern Turkey. After all, this is a blog about hypnosis, right?

But there’s a reason why I’m so fascinated by the fact that was discovered by archaeologists  underneath a farmer’s field.

Think of it: a farmer’s field.

If you have seen the actual mosaic and consider that it’s supposedly around one and a half millennia old is astoundingly detailed and intricate.  It’s an amazing piece of art and history.

Who would expect something like that hiding underneath the dirty soil that most people aren’t even comfortable getting close to? Were men and women work hard under the sun to make a simple living.

But many times in life it’s like that: you find the most amazing, wonderful things in the places where you least expect them.

Underneath the layer of ordinary, there is almost always something special, unique and amazing.

You might think you’re just a normal person. You might think your life is nothing special. You might think you’re “average” and uncapable of pursuing higher ideals, bigger ambitions.

But dig a little bit deeper. Get into that mundane soil and see what’s underneath. Great things are waiting for you my friend…

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