Becoming A New Parent

by Bob Walsh

When you’re becoming a new parent, it will be one of the most drastic changes of all your life – and nothing can really prepare you for it. There are probably many things you’re thinking about, but no matter how well you lay out your plans, how many books you read, with how many people you talk – you’ll still run into plenty of surprises.

So maybe the most important thing is to have confidence in your ability to be a good parent, to provide your little one with all the things and all the love he or she will need to prosper and thrive.

baby cartoon

A baby is dependent on you – and if you can make it feel cared for, loved and secure, then you’ve done the most important part of being a parent already.

A baby will also forever alter your relationship with your partner – because now it’s not just the two of you anymore – instead, you’re now part of a new family unit.

The thought can sometimes be frightening – but do not worry. Being a parent doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice everything just to be a good mom or dad. You can – and in fact should – still do things for yourself, to recharge your batteries, to have fun. Don’t think of parenthood as some kind of ball and chain that robs you of your freedom. Parenthood is essentially a new challenge in your life, and especially in the first months you’ll be faced with hundreds of new situations that require you to make choices you might not always feel confident to make. But you’ll grow into it.

And as already mentioned: be sure to still have fun in your own life, be sure to still live life for yourself too, and not just for your baby. Because part of your role as a parent is to be a role-model: your baby will learn from you what it’s like to live his or her life. And the best service you can do your baby (apart from nurturing, loving and caring for it) is to life a fulfilled life yourself, so that he or she will already realize from this early point in his life on that the world has so much to offer.

The burden of responsibility it’s there, yes – but so is the joy of bringing new life into this world and creating the future. Although sometimes you might not feel that joy – and sometimes, that lack of joy can even make you feel guilty, inadequate, uncapable, cold or a “bad parent”. Please don’t be too hard on yourself – all these emotions are part of becoming a new parent, and they’re normal. If you blame yourself for it though, you’re not doing yourself or your baby a favor – instead, you’ll only make it harder for yourself to get out of those negative emotional states and instead find your way back to the joy of parenthood.

But you can’t “force yourself to feel” a certain way. That’s just not how emotions work. However, you can inspire yourself to open up to certain feelings with hypnosis downloads for parenting skills – because they contain hypnotic suggestions which will help your subconscious mind to think in ways which make parenting a more joyful and fulfilling experience.

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