The Worry Trap

by Bob Walsh

If you tend to worry a lot, I guess this rings a bell for you:


When we are worried about something, the emotional and psychological stress this causes us can sometimes be more negative than the thing we’re actually worried about.

But even if you know that – for some reason it doesn’t help to soothe those anxious feelings, does it? So how can you stop worrying?

Here’s three tips:

  • Distract yourself
    Since worries often aren’t really worth squandering so much time and energy on, simply get your mind off of them by doing other things. Call up a friend and have some fun, watch a funny movie,  exercise (in fact, this is great, because the physical activity can help your body to get rid of stress hormones), listen to fun music and sing and dance along, or if you have a partner, well, get your partner in the bedroom and lock the door ;-)
  • Write your worries away
    This is pretty much the exact opposite of my previous tip, but it works too! Take out a notepad and pen, or open a document on your computer and start writing down what worries you, in as much detail as possible. Basically, the purpose of this is to get it out of your brain, and be able to look at it with more detached, less emotionally involved eyes. It’s a technique that’s sometimes called the Worry Brain Dump or the Worry Brain Drain.
  • Just solve the effing problem
    This is pretty much in line with the picture. Sometimes the problem that is causing us to worry so much isn’t actually that big. We just avoid it because there are so many negative emotions attached to it. But by engaging in that avoidance, we actually spend more energy on worrying about the problem, than the energy it would take to just solve the problem.

And finally, yes, this should come as no surprise to you – you can use hypnosis to stop worrying too – and in fact, if you’re a worrywart this can make such a difference in your life.

I know how difficult it can be to stop worrying – basically you have a well-oiled machinery in your brain that keeps worries coming back automatically. But I know you can do this, even if you’ve been plagued by chronic worrying for many years.

Imagine yourself being free from worry, calm, relaxed and joyful. Life has so much to offer and you have so much to share. Don’t let worries get in the way :)

Try hypnosis to stop worrying now!