Stressful Anticipation of The First Doctor’s Visit With Your Newborn Baybe

by Bob Walsh

When you’re a new parent, and your baby has been at home for some time, there will come the day when you have the first checkup appointment with a pediatrician. For many parents, this is attached with a kind of stressful anticipation and worrying – not just about your baby’s health, but also about how your baby will feel and interact in the clinic or hospital, a completely new and different surrounding.

The most important thing in a situation like this is: stay calm. The one thing in the baby’s life that needs to be there to make him or her feel safe is the presence and care of the mother. If you’re nervous, anxious or stressed out, your baby will sense that, and also feel nervous, anxious or stressed out.

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So as long as you are there for the baby, with a calm, relaxed and caring presence, you don’t need to worry too much about how the baby will react. Yes, they might cry when a nurse puts them down on a scale to measure their weight. But that’s not a big deal – nurses are professionals and know that babies sometimes cry. It doesn’t mean that you’re unable as a mother or parent.

When you’re in the waiting room, you’ll probably be there with many other parents and kids together – and sometimes, other kids start to cry or scream. But most of the time, this won’t mean that your baby also starts to cry – in fact, the number one indicator for your babies behavior and feelings – apart from their own sensations – is your behavior. They observe you very closely and are aware of your emotional state much more than many people believe.

If you don’t have your own car, it might also be stressful to bring your baby to and from the clinic or hospital with public transportation or by cab. So it’s best to have someone there by your side to help you save down a cab or carry a bag, so you can focus calmly on taking care of your baby and making it feel safe.

If you tend to worry or be anxious and stressed with your baby, take some time for yourself to train yourself to be relaxed and practice some techniques that can help you to calm down quickly in times of distress.

The hypnosis downloads for parenting skills are a wonderful option for that, because they are specially designed to help you cope with the challenges of parenthood with confidence and calmness.

Don’t worry during the first couple of months of your babies life that you will spoil your baby with too much attention or love – they flourish on your attention and love. Once they are at an age where they can understand, it’s a good time to teach them rules, manners, set limits, and so on – but at that early age, all they really need is to have their physical meets met, and then to be showered with your love and attention.

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