Second Hand Smoke Exposure Bad For Your Memory?

by Bob Walsh

As if we would really need another reason to encourage people to stop smoking (there are enough already): Turns out that exposure to second hand smoke damages everyday prospective memory. That’s what a recent study1 published in The Society for the Study of Addiction found. The lead researchers Dr Thomas M Heffernan & T.S. O’Neill found that people who were not exposed to second hand smoke recalled significantly more time-based PM tasks than than those who were often exposed to second hand smoke.

What’s “prospective memory”?

It’s what you use in your everyday life for the simplest tasks. For example, when you go out from your living room into the kitchen, remembering why you went there. If you’ve ever caught yourself wondering: “What did I want to do here?” than that was a glitch of prospective memory.

Or if you’re taking medication, then remembering to take the medication at the right time – that’s also prospective memory.

Or remembering to make a payment on time, or put the toothpaste cap back on after putting on the toothpaste, all these are prospective memory functions. So it’s something that is very essential to our everyday healthy functioning.

But giving up smoking isn’t easy, and everyone who tried to quit smoking knows that simply “deciding to do it” or “wanting to do it” or even willpower aren’t enough.

Fortunately hypnosis can make it easier to stop smoking cigarettes. Try it for yourself – or give it to a person you care about who has trouble with smoking cessation.

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The good thing is: You can try this for 90 days. If it works for you, it will be more than worth the money. And if it doesn’t, you can always request a full, no questions asked easy refund. But if you use the hypnosis audios to stop smoking daily, I’m almost certain you won’t need to worry about that :)

  1. Exposure to second-hand smoke damages everyday prospective memory, DOI: 10.1111/j.1360-0443.2012.04056.x. link []

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