9 Tips For Overcoming Negativity

by Bob Walsh

If your mind is filled with negativity it is kind of like a ship that has leaks. Even if you are so busy and invest all your energy into pumping out the water, as long as the leaks are there, more water is coming in each and every second. And if your energy for pumping out the water ever gets depleted, that’s pretty much when your ship will sink. Unless you fix the leaks.

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Negative thinking is why so many people fail to achieve success, even though on the outside it looks like they are doing things right. And they’re busy, they’re working hard, their wheels are constantly spinning.

So what to do?

Here some tips for overcoming negative thinking:

  1. Practice Relaxation Exercises
    It’s really hard to think positive if you’re under stress. Stress affects you mentally, emotionally and physically – it changes the way you feel, think and act. It causes hormonal changes and psychological changes.
    You can practice meditation, or yoga, or breathing exercises, or pretty much anything that truly relaxes you. (Note: many people think watching TV relaxes them – but I beg to differ. Watching TV sedates you, but it doesn’t actually make you feel relaxed. It just makes you numb to the stress.)
  2. Use Positive Affirmations
    Make sure that you practice positive self-talk. The way you talk to yourself is vitally important to the way you think. A lot of our self-talk happens without our conscious awareness, so you need to put some effort into listening to your internal dialogue more, and making sure that you talk yourself up, and not down.
  3. Exercise
    Modern science is beginning to discover that our body and our mind are not really two different things  - they are deeply intertwined, and more or less simply two sides of the same coin. Our bodies are made for movement, and many of us do not get enough movement these days anymore. When you exercise and make your body sweat, this helps to keep a healthy balance.
  4. Cherish Responsibility
    Enjoy taking responsibility for yourself, your feelings, your words and your actions. I don’t just say: take responsibility. I say: ENJOY taking responsibility. It’s taking responsibility that makes you truly powerful. Too many people rob themselves of their power by coming up with excuses for everything.
  5. Get Positive Inspiration
    Read inspiring books, watch inspiring movies, meet inspiring people, listen to inspiring quotes. The world is filled with wisdom and wonderful people who can lift your spirits up.
  6. Laugh
    The power of laughter is underrated. Make sure that you really laugh each and every day. No problem is worth losing your sense of humor about – and humor can often be the creative spark that leads to solutions you wouldn’t have otherwise found because you can look at things from a different perspective.
  7. Avoid Downers
    Some people are as if they have swallowed gravity. They can pull you down just by their presence, their looks, their expressions, their words. These people are emotional black wholes, and while you can get close to them and then invest your energy into escaping their emotional pull, it’s much better to preserve your energy for more worthwhile endeavors and just avoid negative people.
  8. Hypnosis Against Negativity
    Changing your thoughts and self-talk isn’t easy. It requires a lot of time and effort. With hypnosis you can put positive suggestions into your subconscious mind and make optimism a lot easier.
  9. Celebrate Small Victories Big
    Each and every success and achievement is a victory – no matter how small. It’s important that you celebrate your victories and reward yourself in some way for them. This way, you “teach” your brain that positive outcomes get rewarded.

What’s your favorite way to overcome negativity? :)

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