Hypnotherapy And Smoking Cessation

by Bob Walsh

Here’s an article that a friend of mine wrote on smoking cessation hypnosis. I also highly recommend you read another article, called “How I Stopped Smoking With Self-Hypnosis”.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis MP3 DownloadMillions of Americans struggle, trying to quit smoking every day. Anxiety and mood swings overwhelm these people that know, they have to quit this addiction, or their health will be seriously compromised. Smoking is one of the first causes of death in this country. It causes emphysema, cancer, birth defects, and more other illness, along with the economical losses that implies this addiction. Like all addiction, it needs therapy, to look for the psychological reasons of why the subject is smoking. During the last years, hypnosis has been introduced in the treatment of many psychological problems, like addictions, in this case, addiction to nicotine.

Hypnosis is a state of the mind, similar to a trance, which is known as hyper-suggestibility, this method has been widely used to quit smoking. Hypnotherapist, which not necessary are physicians or psychologists, schedule one session, where the patient will be hypnotized and also, they will gather information, to understand why the patient wants to quit smoking, and why the patient was smoking in first place. These sections are mold to the patient needs, and it can last from one to three hours, that is why is very important the honesty of the patient with his/her therapist.  The rate of success of this technique is between 20 to 30 %, which is the same rate than other techniques to quit smoking. However – much of this “average rate” is due to the fact that there are lot of lousy hypnotherapists who bring the quota down, and a few people who really mastered the art, that have a much higher success rate with their clients.

Normally after one session of hypnotherapy, the therapist suggests some sessions of auto-hypnosis, along with other relaxation techniques, in order to reinforce the treatment that the patient already received. With the self hypnosis the patient will relax and guide himself using images that suggest quit smoking, obviously this is a technique that takes time and effort to master.

Hypnosis is not for everybody, but even if the subject can’t quit smoking, it would achieve the benefits of learning about relaxation techniques, and manage of stress, which is one of the main reasons why people end up smoking; due to stress and anxiety; it also can offer a change in attitudes towards the addictions, which can enable the patient, in the future, to quit smoking.

This method provides hope for those ones that want to quit smoking, but there is a lot of skepticism about it, due to the latest research about false memory implantation during hypnosis sections. That’s why it is recommended that if a patient wants to experience hypnotherapy, choosing the proper therapist is a crucial part.

These are some of the most important requirements in order to pick the right therapist: First, the therapist should have a doctorate in medicine, psychology or social work, he should be hypnotherapist certified, should be member of the corresponding professional society, like AMA, APA and ADA, and have at least seven years of experience practicing as hypnotist.

Hypnosis is a non invasive solution for those ones whom their lives are dictated by the addiction to the nicotine. It can be a little bit expensive, but it is long term solution, that will benefit everybody, the patient, his/her family and the rest of the society.

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