Distracted Easily?

We  live  in the age of distractions. Never before was there a time when so many different things  lured for our attention – which is quickly becoming the most sought after resource of the modern world. Thus, dealing with distractions is becoming a more and more important skill, and more and more people have a problem with being easily distracted.

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There is our mobile phone. There is Twitter, Facebook, Emails, calls, TV, magazines, advertising messages, letters and on and on and on -all thiings to get a little bit of our attention. However, if you want to actually achieve something, you need to be able to be in conntrol of your own attention – and that means being able to shut out distractions.

Otherwise you will end up with a grasshopper mind that jumps from one distraction to the next and never really gets anywhere.

Unless you want your life to follow a random flow that is determined by others instead of yourself, it is time that you master the art of dealing with distractions. After all, this skill is not something that is taught in kindergarten, schools or even universities. But is a prerequisite to succeed in all of them.

Funny that nobody ever takes the time to teach this skill. We are left  onn our own, thrown into a world where so many differrent people and organizations compete for our attention. You simply can not get a days work get done if you constantly fall prey to distractions.

There are several things you can do to stop being distracted. One thing is that you first assess which distractions take up the most of your time. For many people, common things that take time away from doing the things they really should do aare emails, social networks and phone calls. Fortunately, all of these three can easily be managed.

Don`t be distracted by emails Simply decide to check your email only one or two times a day, at a scheduled time, rather than constantly checking your inbox for new messages. Also make sure that you do not have an alert sound every time you receive a new message.

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Phone Times
Also set up designated times for doing and receiving calls, and simply let all other calls go directly to voice mail and switch your phoone off or put it on silent. This way, you are still reachable, but you are the   one who decides when you get on the phone, rather than exposing yourself to the risk of random interruptions.

Social Networks
Productivity Killers Facebook, Twitter and all the other social networks open up a whole new world of opportunities – and that is great. But they can also become absolute time wasters. Many people eeven confuse the time they spend on social networks with productive worktime. They consider it “networking”. But in reality, it is just a form of wasting time – kind of like standing at the water cooler and gossipping about this and that. Most of the conversations and interactions you have on social networks will never lead to tangible business results.

Surfing The Web
The internet is an endless source of information and entertainment -and many people end up wasting so much time with that without ever noticing it. Because it is so easy to just have a YouTube clip running in the background, or to have another browser tab open where you surf entertaining, funny or interesting websites. Yet, all of this robs you of the power of your own focus, it diludes your mind. So make sure that you do not multitask surfing the web.

Finding Your Focus Takes Time
Every time you get distracted, it takes about 15 minutes to regain a deeply concentrated, focused state of mind. When you are concentrated and focused, you will work a lot more productive and efficient. So understand that your focus really is something worth protecting.

In the end, it all boils down to training a certain kind of mental discipline. You can do this on your own, but be prepared to spend many months or even years for that.Or you could fast-forward that whole process with a little help from the other side of your mind. Because your subconscious mind is the part of your brain that is really in charge of your attention. With hypnosis, you can command your brain to shut out all distractions and focus only what what you consciously chose is worth focusing on.

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