Tips To Stop Stuttering

Stuttering is an annoying condition. For some people, it can lead to social anxiety, and many stutterers have a fear of being caught stuttering and are worried that they might lose control when they speak or even a fear of using certain vowels or consonants.

Stuttering also is situation dependent – sometimes it might be worse, sometimes it might be better.

Here are some quick tips to stop stuttering.

  • Breath relaxed
    Breathing has a profound impact on our body and our state of mind. Whenever you start to feel anxious, simply make sure that you pay good attention to your breathing
  • Smile
    When you smile at people, they won’t care as much about your stuttering. And when they don’t care as much, they’ll be more comfortable aroundyou. And when they’re more comfortable around you, you’ll feel that they are more comfortable around you too – and that feeling will provide you with confidence and comfort, and lessen your stuttering a bit.
  • Retrain your mind
    Stuttering is something that’s caused by your mind. There is nothing wrong with your body, your tongue, your lips, your vocal cords are in perfect condition. Stuttering hypnosis can help you to overcome that mental “bug” that makes you stutter.

But most importantly – believe that it’s possible to stop stuttering.

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