Hypnosis against Hip Pain

Russel Grant almost quit Strictly Called Dancing because of his hip pain. His pain was so bad that he broke down and cried after his performances. But then he met with Richard Bandler, co-founder of NLP and one of the world’s leading hypnotists.

Richard Bandler put the performer into a hypnotic trance state and gave him suggestions to imagine the perfect dance and alternative ways of coping with pain and moving in a way that didn’t caused him injury or pain.

Now, Richard Bandler is a class of his own. There are very few hypnotists who can do that in one session. And he’s charging for one session the kind of money that other hypnotists earn in a whole year.

But you can use hypnosis against pain too – without having to hire the greatest hypnotist alive or shelling out tens of thousands of dollars. All it you need to do is to get your pain management hypnosis download and listen to it daily in a relaxed state of mind, and you’ll see that your pain gets less and less, and finally disappears over the course of a couple of weeks.


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