Learn Humor

by Bob Walsh

Do you want to learn humor and find out how to be funny? Then this is for you.

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Most people think of being funny as nothing serious. They think it’s kind of an insignificant, and maybe even undesirable character trait.

But being funny is really a great asset in life. Because it will not only brighten up your own life, and the life of others, but also make you more popular – and even influential – among your peers, friends, family members and business partners.

When you learn humor, you have the power to instantly change another person’s emotional state. And since it’s funny, everyone will think it’s harmless, and they’ll let their guard down, which makes it a real great icebreaker in all kinds of social situations. It’s a great way of establishing an atmosphere of trust and sympathy real quickly.

Whether you want to learn being humorous for personal or professional purposes, one of the questions that you should ask yourself is this: can I learn to be more funny? The answer is clearly yes.

Anyone can learn it – it is a skill that can be mastered. For some people it comes natural, and for others, it requires systematic study.

One of the easiest – and most fun – things you can do to learn humor is to watch funny movies and performances of comedians.

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Now your goal is not to be funny the way a stand-up comedian is funny. At least it shouldn’t be for your normal, every day life, because the kind of humor that works on the stage often doesn’t work in real life.

But simply watching funny movies and studying comedians will help you to pick up the patterns of humor, learn about intonation patterns, timing and other things.

Also, there are lots of websites where you can read thousands of jokes. Now, what’s funny to some people isn’t funny to others, so I recommend you just compare different sites and read a couple of jokes every day, and just copy the ones that make you laugh into a text file. And try to tell one joke every single day. At first, it’ll be awkward, but over time you’ll find that it becomes easier, you’ll make others laugh more often, and being funny will  become natural to you.

The probably most difficult part when you learn humor is to stop being self-conscious, and not overthink things. Being funny is a a more emotional, instinctive thing, rather than a cortical activity.

Hypnosis can help you to develop that “natural funniness” – it helps you to develop the right kind of humorous charisma. After all, you don’t want to be the guy or girl who always tells the awkward jokes. You want people to laugh with you, not about you.

The hypnosis download for becoming funny is effective because it’ll lighten that spark of funny creativity and spontaneous humor. It’ll help you to see the humor in everyday experiences and use it to make others – and yourself – laugh more often.

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