Anger Management Therapy

anger management therapy mp3Do you sometimes experience trouble controlling your emotions – particularly anger? Then anger management therapy might help you to become more relaxed and calm even in emotionally tense situations.

To better understand what’s involved, let us look at what anger actually is.

Anger is a biochemical mechanism in your body that serves a very important function: to protect you and your standing in society.

A person who would never get angry would probably quickly be pushed aside by more assertive people, and would also be taken advantage of. Anger can be a source of energy.

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However, in our modern society, the usefulness of anger has diminished rapidly. In many cases, anger harms us more than it serves us.

There are different causes of anger.

Some people are mainly angry because of “in the moment” situations.

Something might go wrong, they might feel let down, they might feel cheated, disappointed or otherwise violated, and this triggers immediate aggressiveness. To them, anger is a way of defending their immediate rights, and their emotional, physical, spiritual and material territory.

Another kind of anger disorder is when people carry a lot of anger inside because of something that happened in the past. And they just can’t let go of that anger, even though things are long over.

This can be particularly destructive psychologically. Because the person that suffers the most from that anger is the angry person. You see, as mentioned previously, anger is a biochemical mechanism that takes place in your body. And it’s not healthy.

In fact, if you carry a lot of anger inside of you for long periods of time, or get extremely angry several times a day, anger is toxic: it literally poisons your body, lowers your immune defenses and makes you more prone to disease and illness.

In both cases – immediate and past-related anger – anger management therapy can be a solution to your problems and free of a lot of emotional, mental and physical energy.

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(Scientific studies have shown that being angry actually impairs your performance on all three levals: your cognitive functions, which include clear thinking and the ability to concentrate, your emotional resourcefulness, which impacts how you can respond to lifes challenges, and your physical energy – how alert and energized your body feels).

However – anger management therapy does not mean that you actually have to go to visit a therapist.

You can enjoy the benefits of anger management therapy in the comfort of your own home. There are excellent, professionally produced recordings with subliminal suggestions for people with anger disorders. These recordings have proven highly effective for people who use them on a regular basis.

You can listen to these recordings every night before you go to sleep, but also when you have a hard time getting over anger and frustration.

You won’t have to burst out in anger, you can avoid explosions of rage – and instead, you can remain calm, emotionally steady and in control of your feelings. At the same time, you can still be assertive and make your point – but you can do so in a much more effective and socially acceptable way.

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