Uncontrollable Eating

by Bob Walsh

Uncontrollable eating is when you’re eating even when you’re not hungry. When we feel hungry, it is normal to eat something – it is our body’s own signal that it wants to have some nourishment. But there are other reasons why we eat too – sometimes it is because it helps us to distract ourselves from worries and troubling thoughts. Sometimes we eat because of the way it makes us feel. Sometimes we eat for no apparent reason, just because we want to – and it is something that is out of control.

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Maybe you are constantly walking to the fridge, even when you’re full already, to just grab a bite and munch on something?

Maybe you overeat regularly, stuffing yourself till your stomach becomes bloated and inflated and it doesn’t even feel good anymore?

It’s not just that this eating behavior is bad for your health and will probably lead to weight gain – it also affects your self-esteem negatively.

Many of my clients have told me they feel horrible after they have stuffed themselves. Many times they know that this isn’t helping, yet, they somehow feel compelled to overeat. Even when they use the voice of reason to try to not start binge eating, it ends up like a draining negotiation with yourself. And oftentimes, it’s arguments like: “Oh come on, you need this now, it’s just one time, this one time won’t make a difference…”

The psychology of pigging out varies too – some people don’t have a good social life, some people are stressed out, some people feel lonely, some people feel that their life is emplty and meaningless and thus they try to “fill it” with food. But the truth is: there are many psychological reasons why one can engage in uncontrollable eating.

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So what can you do to control your daily food intake better? What can you do to stop cramming food into your body?

Well, if you are in the moment you can pick up the phone and call a good friend. It’s a good idea to brief that friend beforehand: tell him or her about your uncontrollable eating problem. Clearly communicate that you want your friends’ help. Ask him or her if he or she is willing to help you.  If the answer is yes, then you can call up on your friend when you feel the urge to stuff yourself. Oftentimes when we have a trusted partner, it is easier to overcome compulsive eating.

Another thing you can do is to write down all the thoughts that go through your mind when you want to eat. This helps you to become aware of certain thought patterns, understand yourself better, and ultimately may lead to important realizations about yourself.

Ultimately, the root cause of uncontrollable eating is in your mind. But it’s not easy to get there. Oftentimes our own mind plays tricks on us. This is largely due to the fact that we not just have the conscious, reasoning mind that we are all familiar with, but we also have “another mind”: the subconscious mind.

With hypnotic suggestions, you can help to align the goals of your conscious and subconscious mind together. And this can help you to overcome the eating addiction.

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