How To Stop Daydreaming

by Bob Walsh

If you ever feel as if time is pasing way too quickly, and you just don’t get around to getting things done, maybe it is because you are daydreaming too much. The human mind has a fantastic ability to come up with virtual worlds that no computer or special effects master could rival – and it is good to make use of our imagination. But sometimes, this can get out of hand and we can start to get lost in a world of daydreams, while real life passes by. That’s when it’s time to learn how to stop daydreaming.

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Active engagement with real life is a prerequisite for a fulfilled and happy, creative life. The most creative people in the world always have made sure that they sharpen and hone both skills, to experience both worlds: the real world, and the world of imagination. Artist and inventor Leonardo DaVinci for example had a great creative talent and a vivid imagination – but he also was working many hours a day translating the fantastic creations of his imaginary world into real life art that can be shared and enjoyed by others.

Our modern world offers many “traps” that can get you caught up in your own head. TV and the world wide web, all of this can take up huge amounts of your time and take away from your ability to fully experience and engage with the real world. That is why it is important to be able to stop daydreaming.

Again, daydreaming is a great ability and talent. But you want to be in control of it. You want to be able to switch it on when you want to make use of it, and switch it off when you want to make use of other mental abilities. Daydreaming should not be a computer program that constantly runs in the background of your computer, eating up resources.

Your brain should not be programmed to navigate on the daydreaming autopilot. It should not be the default modus operandi of your mind. Hypnosis can help you to get your mental act together again. You can start to enjoy the pleasure of focusing your mind on what you chose to, rather than what some part of your fantasy chooses to.

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Think of the boy who sits in class all day, and even though his eyes and ears are open, you can tell by the distant look in his eyes that is is not concentrated on what the teacher and his classmates are saying – his mind is elsewhere, caught up in a daydream. Or when you have a conversation with another person – instead of listening to them, your mind always goes off on a tangent, hardly finding its way back to the speaker, and thus your ability to make this encounter into an engaging conversation gets lost.

Being able to focus on your goals and dreams, the things you want to achieve in life is a vital and crucial skill that you must practice, and not let be undermined by daydreaming. And, you must feel determined to make this true. You really want to be able to fully commit to doing what it takes to get it done. And you simply can not do that in daydreaming mode. In fact, daydreaming can often sabotage your motivation and drive, because it partially lets you experience the benefits of already having achieved what you wish to achieve, without actually having done so.

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