Alcohol Hypnosis

Alcohol hypnosis is for those who want to stop abusing alcohol. Whatever it is that propels you to drink, be it sadness, pain or worries; you already know that drinking alcohol doesn’t help. In fact, it only makes things worse.

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Please do not expect a miracle. Hypnosis won’t make you never want to drink another drop of alcohol again.

I would love to tell you: “Hey, all you need is to download this hypnosis MP3, listen to it once on your computer, and after that you’ll never have an alcohol problem again!”

And there are plenty of websites that promise you that kind of thing. (That’s before they take your money of course).

It is important that you approach this whole thing with realistic expectations.

You will still need to make an effort. You will still need to muster up your willpower. And sometimes, you’ll still struggle to keep away from the bottle.

But you will be much better prepared to resist the temptations. Your willpower will be stronger. You’ll be able to handle the urge to drink better. You will be able to overpower your alcohol cravings.

Maybe you have already tried to quit drinking – and maybe even succeeded… for some time – and then an alcohol relapse. Which probably just made you feel even worse about yourself. Believe, you don’t need to go through this stuff anymore. You already have everything that you need in order to get a handle on your drinking problem: you have your own mind. All that you need is in there. You just need to find a way to tap into that power inside of you. And that’s where alcohol hypnosis comes into play.

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It is important that you realize that alcoholism is not about genetics. There is no “DNA blueprint” in your body that makes you an alcoholic. Even if some so-called experts may want to make you believe that.

Alcoholism is an addiction. And addictions can be overcome. With alcoholism hypnosis you can give up drinking forever, or you can even get to point where drinking a glass every now and then without having to fear a relapse.

But how does this work? Essentially, you listen to a hypnosis MP3 download on your computer, MP3 player, on CD or on tape. And you should do so daily for at least six weeks. You will need to schedule about 30 minutes a day for this – and the optimal time is when you go to bed, just before you fall asleep. If you feel that this isn’t enough, you can also listen to it first thing in the morning for further reinforcement of the hypnotic suggestions.

Alcohol hypnosis is a way of changing your brain’s reaction to certain triggers. For alcoholism, these triggers are usually emotions – that’s why it’s so hard to resist the urge to drink. Because we can’t really control our feelings. The hypnotic suggestions are designed to help you react to these emotions in a different way – not by drinking, but by confronting, and ultimately resolving them. If you’ve read this far, you’re already a step closer on the road to recovery. The next step is to just click the link below.

Hypnosis can help you to stop thinking about alcohol, stop obsessing about drinking.

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