Get Over Your Past

The past is gone – but sometimes, we still hold on to it. It still shapes our life, it is part of what makes us who we are. On this website you will find helpful advice to get over your past. So set aside five minutes for yourself and focus on reading.

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There are many different ways how our past can affect us. For example, for some people the past might have been terrible, and these bad memories might still haunt you and cause you to feel bad.

But for others, the past might have been so beautiful that they get lost in nostalgia, and fail to pay proper attention to their present lifes.

And some people regret the mistakes they have made in the past, and they keep going back to those times, thinking: if only I knew then what I know now… If only I had done this, instead of that… and so on.

We will address different aspects of getting over your past in this article.

Don’t Try to Forget Your Past

Many times, when your past has been painful, you might want to try to forget it. And you could even succeed – to a certain degree. You may be able to push it aside. You may be able to keep your mind busy with other things, to distract yourself from it.

But somewhere underneath the surface it will still hide, and one day it will come to haunt you.

You can’t undo things in life. We can’t turn back the wheel of time. When you get over your past, that doesn’t mean that you get rid of it – it means that you don’t let it hold you back anymore in life.

Your past will still be there – it’s part of what made you who you are, even the bad things. Think about a beautiful, tropical island, with a paradise beach and rich vegetation. Now, it is such a beautiful place – but the reason why it exists is that in it’s past, millions of years ago, a volcano erupted and created this beautiful landscape. At that time, this must have been a terrible event for the living beings that existed there – but it created something so much more beautiful in the long run.

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Your past will still be there – but as a source of wisdom and strength, rather than something that makes you feel bad.

But what if your past wasn’t ugly or terrifying, but instead rich and beautiful? So beautiful and exciting that it makes the present seem dull, boring and empty?

What if you’re caught in a net of nostalgia? Well, in this case you can also learn how to get over your past, so that it still is there as a source of joy – but more to help you appreciate the beautiful things that you can create in your life now.

Your past can affect you mainly because of your memories. And your memories are thoughts that elicit strong emotions. If your emotional experience of the past is more intense than your emotional experience of the present, then you’re living in the past. And life is too short to be stuck in the past.

With the help of hypnosis you can get over your past without loosing it. You can keep all the beautiful memories, all the lessons you learned and all the bad stuff too – but it won’t be something that is holding you back anymore. Your past will be like a wise friend that helps you to live a better life today, and be an even better person tomorrow.

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