Less Judgemental

Did someone else ever tell you that you are overly judgmental? Do you sometimes wonder if the way you view others might possibly be a bit too harsh? It is not an easy thing to figure out, because it is about the way we view the world – something very personal that we do not let go of easily.

Being judgmental is something that separates you from other people -it is something that creates barriers. But we human beings are really social animals, and we thrive when we interact, communicate, share and exchange. If you do not become less judgmental, you will shut yourself out and deprive yourself of this experience.

Oftentimes when we judge other people unfairly, we simply do not take the time to understand their point of view properly. We base our judgments on a small slice of reality and fill in the blanks – all with a negative frame of mind.

The first thing you can do to become less judgmental is to simply be aware of your thoughts about others during the course of a day. And when you catch yourself passing on a judgment, or condemning another person’s behavior, then simply ask yourself: is there one good thing I can find about this person now? How could I view this person in a better light? Is there an alternative explanation for why this person has decided to act this way?

Someone might be driving too fast in their car, and you might think badly of them for that. But maybe they are driving so fast because their father is in an emergency and they want to rush to help him. Sure, it is never right to put other people’s lives in danger by driving too fast, but if you consider that sometimes there are reasons why people engage in this behavior, you might soften up your judgment about them a little more.

This is of course not easy, and it does require a lot of mental and emotional discipline and commitment.

If you want to become less judgmental even faster, then you could use hypnosis. Because hypnosis makes it possible to stop the automatic “negative glasses” through which you look at others and instead use positive ones. You can learn to enjoy communicating and interacting with other people more, and the more you enjoy it, the easier it will become.

And what is more: you will even attract better people into your life, and the people that already are in your life will surprise you positively more often. Because on some level, people really do perceive – consciously or not – what you think of them and how you feel about them. If you see the best in others, others will live up to that more often.

Oftentimes, we use self-righteousness and jungementalism to protect ourselves from getting hurt emotionally. If you feel at ease and comfortable with yourself, you do not need to point your finger towards others anymore. You can simply let go of it and enjoy other people for who they are, be comfortable around them, and with yourself.