Confident Public Speaking

by Bob Walsh

Confident public speaking is something that can be learned. However, most people are so afraid and caught up in fear when it comes to public speaking, that they think it’s impossible to become good talking in front of others. The fact is – and every public speaker will agree with this – public speaking is a skill that can be learned just like anything. And just like anything, it takes practice to do so.

However, it’s that element of fear that makes learning difficult. You can desensibilize yourself by getting in front of people a thousand times, but that will be a long and difficult path to go. Here some tips to help you overcome your fear of public speaking.

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Preparation is important – you should know what you want to tell people in advance, and you should know how you want to tell it to them. Practice a speech several times before you actually give it. Frankly, if you haven’t prepared your speech properly and don’t know what you’re going to talk about… well, you deserve your speaking anxiety. But if you know your stuff, then anxiety shouldn’t be in the way of getting your message across.

Another very simple and basic tip is: breath. Of course, you can’t do a meditation session on stage, but remember to breath in a relaxed manner. If you watch inexperienced people give a public speech, and you observe their bodylanguage, you will often notice that their breathing is very flat and quick. The audience subconsciously picks up these kinds of clues too – and some part of their mind will wonder: “What’s he scared of? Is he trying to hide something?”

It helps to make eye contact with people – and SMILE. Chances are, people will smile back at you. It’s best to do this already before you get on the stage as a speaker, before you start speaking. This way, you will already have connected with some people in your audience. This is a huge psychological advantage, and it’s so easy to do. Of course, when you start talking, you don’t need to keep smiling at people constantly – be natural.

Also, you must get the idea out of your head that giving speeches is something that only certain people can do. There are quiet a lot of very successful public speakers that are totally boring to talk to in private, and some of them can even be a bit awkward in social situations, some of them are shy people. But put them on a stage, and a transformation takes place. These people aren’t naturals: they’ve gotten their with training.

Training means not only actually doing it, but it also means mental training. Training your mind to perform on stage. Affirmations are one way to do that, but the thing with affirmations is that they in and of themselves are actually quiet weak and ineffective. That’s why they need to be repeated a thousand times. Hypnosis is a way more effective way to make believe and attitude changes. It is a much more direct way of communicating with your subconscious mind – the part that is switching your fear on and off, and the part that can give you instant confidence when it comes to public speaking.

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