Key To Success: Your First Hour

by Bob Walsh

There is a key to success. Well, there are many. But each one of these are important, and instead of piling them on top of each other, it’s better to put each one into place firmly before you go to the next one.

Today’s key to success is about what you do during the first hour of your day. And it’s inspired by an article in Fast Company.

Many people kind of use the first hour of their day to… well, get ready for the rest of the day. Or they treat it like any other hour of their day.

But if you look at really successful people, you will find a different pattern. They are very determined about the first hour of their day. What kind of successful people I mean?

I mean people like:

Craig Newman – founder of Craigslist.

David Karp – founder of tumblr.

Tony Robbins – the most successful trainer in personal development ever.

Brian Tracy – career writer who even wrote a book about this topic (Eat That Frog).

Here are some tips from these people:

Don’t read your email. Email is the best way to get your mind cluttered and fragmented and overwhelmed. You don’t need a lot of focus to answer emails, and if you use that precious first hour of your day, it’s wasted. Kind of like hiring Pablo Picasso to do a paintjob for a dented car.

And here’s what Tony Robbins recommends as a key to success for the first hour of your day:

he [Tony Robbins] specifically addresses that first hour in the morning during many of his tapes and seminars and recommends you do something called a “grateful and visualization walk”.

Whether it’s 15 minutes (which he calls fifteen minutes to fulfillment), 30 minutes (30 minutes to thrive) or a whole hour (hour of power), he guides you to become strongly associated initially with very detailed things in your life you are grateful for, and then visualize how you MUST make your life that day, that week, that year etc. – apparently if you imagine something vividly enough your brain doesn’t know the different between a strong vision or reality.

The effect? Elevated certainty in everything you do and ALWAYS being in peak state. Despite how cheesy and “new age” it sounds, it’s had incredible effects on associating success into my every-day life and really makes every day feel like it’s already a winning day.


And Brian Tracy recommends to “eat a frog” first thing in the morning – and everything else will seem less terrible or intimidating.

Make sure you use this key to success to unlock your own life. And use the success hypnosis pack to “program” your mind for success.


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