Are You Entrepreneur Material?

by Bob Walsh

Here’s a great video by OneMinuteMBA: How to tell if you’re an entrepreneur.

For me entrepreneurship is kind of in my DNA – but I don’t think that it’s better to be an entrepreneur than it is to be an employee. That’s everybody’s own choice. And honestly, I’d rather be working for a company but working with a great team, than running my own business with mediocre employees or partners. The people you interact with day to day during your work are what can really make your job fun and exciting (or dreaded and soulcrushing).

Now with the internet, it’s easy to get started as an entrepreneur from home. Yes, sure, lots of these home entrepreneurs fail – but it’s not because they lack the skills. It’s because they lack the consistent entrepreneur motivation that’s needed to get things rolling.

And if you want to learn a lesson from successful entrepreneurs, then read about what successful entrepreneurs do with the first hour of their day.

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