Home Entrepreneur Motivation

by Bob Walsh

In our modern times, there are so many great things that we can take advantage of. For example, working from home. In the past, this simply was not possible for most people, but nowadays, with the opportunities that telecommuting has to offer, things have gotten so much easier. This often means that you can spare yourself at least two hours a day just going to and getting back from work. And you can work in a much more comfortable environment and are more in charge of your own life.

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Because you are in control of your own time, there is nobody directly checking up on you, no co-workers who look at you and check upon you. But it is not all just positive. Because the same things that make working from home so great are the same things that also bring unforeseen problems. It can be really hard to manage your own time and work all on your own. In fact, it is a skilled that almost none of us has been taught.

From our first day in school, we have been conditioned to work under supervision of an authority figure, and together with a team. This complete structure is missing when you work from home, and it can be really tough to stay motivated and to stay on track. Just to give you one example: the simple fact that you had to drive to work also meant that you physically experienced work and your personal life in two different places.

Even on a visceral level, your body knew that this is work-time, and this is play-time. But when you work from home, that sense of separate places is gone. All the things you like to do to relax are directly here, just a couple of steps away, and nobody will “catch” you if you just watch a movie, read a book, sleep, work out a bit or randomly browse the web.

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In fact, many hard-working and diligent people start to transform into almost “lazy” people. It is as if we know use the same strategy that young school boys use when they never did any learning, and just before the end of the semester when important exams come up, they start cramming all into the last two days. Of course, the results of that are often not nearly as good as they could have been. That is why hypnosis is such a powerful tool when you want to increase your work-from-home productivity.

It essentially creates a switch within your mind and you can directly go into “work mode” when you want to, and stay in it as long as you want to. These long, uninterrupted periods of uninterrupted focussing on your work will help you to achieve much more in less time, with better outcomes. It will be easy to resist the temptations of doing another thing, and easy to get back on track if your concentration has been broken temporarily.

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