Energy Hypnosis

Do you often feel tired or overwhelmed? Are you looking for a way to increase your energy levels naturally? If so, then please read this article with an open mind. Many reasonable people think that energy hypnosis can not be of much help to them – but before you pass your judgement, inform yourself about the facts.

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Please be advised that we are not talking about an esoteric kind of energy, but actual physical and mental energy – the kind of energy that you need to get things done, be it in your personal or professional life.

Many times, when we experience an energy low throughout the day, we use stimulants to push us through it. Some people use coffee, some people use energy drinks, some people use supplements, herbs, vitamins or pills which are being advertised as energy boosters. All of these are different ways of reacting to one and the same challenge: a lack of energy.

Some of the energy enhancers are better than others. For example, there certainly are foods that help you to keep your energy levels up, and your diet plays a very important role in your general energy levels.

But when it comes to coffee, energy drinks, pills, supplements and other kinds of artificial energy enhancers, there often is one problem: when we feel deprives of energy, what our body needs is a bit of time to restore our energy levels. A little bit of time to restart the system.

That doesn’t mean you have to sleep for an hour. It just means that you give your body and your mind some time to recharge. If you look at natural processes in all livings things, you find that they come in units of time. Our bodies are made to function best when we use our energy, and then recharge it repeatedly throughout the day.

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And your mind plays a huge role in this. Your thoughts and emotions can drain your internal energy reservoir – and you can witness that particularly in people who are under a lot of mental stress.

That is why hypnosis is so powerful. Because it gets to the problem from two sides. One one hand, it helps you to maximize the benefits from the time-out you take in the course of a day. You make your breaks more relaxing, you get more out of your resting time. On the other hand, it also helps you to manage your thoughts and emotions more calmly and effectively throughout your uptime periods. It’s kind of like a more energy-efficient motor for a car. You burn less fuel along the way, because you utilize the fuel that’s available to you in better ways.

It is best to use energy hypnosis daily for the first two weeks, as a relaxation exercise. After that, it is up to your own good judgement to decide when you feel the need for it and when you think you can do without it. In general, the longer you use it, the less you need it. Because it’s a generative mental process – after a certain number of repetitions (which varies from person to person) your mind internalizes the process of recharging your batteries during your break and you don’t need to listen to hypnotic suggestions anymore.

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